When in doubt, do whale karaoke

That title sounds a bit like something the Cohen brothers would write. Not saying that I'm up there in their league, because golly gosh, they write some truly awesome dialogue, doncha' know, but they also like to throw in some wtf moments as well. (I'm still trying to figure out what that robot was all... Continue Reading →

The one with the wand up my hoo-ha

A few months ago I started experiencing something that was very unusual for me - ouchie periods. I always considered myself blessed in the red plague (as M calls it) department because I always had light, non-painful periods that were generally over in 3-4 days. While I'd generally get a blinding headache that announced the... Continue Reading →

I did some housekeeping

I think I like this new theme, but I'll see whether I still like it by the end of the week. And btw, just because I'm not doing the bdsm thing anymore, doesn't mean I won't write. I'll still ramble about shit when the mood takes me and I might even talk about sexy time... Continue Reading →

The pink elephant in the room

It's probably time that I talked about that thing I've been avoiding for the last several months. Actually, when I start to think about it, it may even be years... It's honestly a bit difficult to pin down when my thoughts about things started changing and it may even be that my thoughts were changing... Continue Reading →

It’s a long weekend!

Hallelujah ūüôā I'm looking forward to not having to go to work for three.whole.days. I've put up a couple more days of Ohenro, Day 10 and Day 11. I've got something like 1200 photos and 15 videos of my trip and I'm sharing 400 photos with you for your visual pleasure (the videos are me... Continue Reading →

I got my finger out of my ass

and my hand off the tv remote and posted the first two days of Ohenro. Day 1 and Day 2¬†are now up. You are welcome. I also went to yoga and after a month of no yoga, my body is very confused and everything hurts. I came back from my pilgrimage several kilograms lighter and... Continue Reading →

Ohenro revisited

Haroo!! *crickets* Remember me? *crickets* Okay, I know it's been a while, but I have a reason. Well, when I say a reason, it's actually only a reason that covers about a month of my absence, but let's roll with that. (The other 6 months was probably spent watching Netflix and/or every other tv show... Continue Reading →

Great walls

About a month ago I spent five¬†days in¬†China and a day in Taiwan. Yes, a day...my workplace has an unspoken rule that all business trips must be as tightly packed and tiring as possible. It's like the company is run by travel masochists. I spent most of my time in China in an inland rural... Continue Reading →

Words, glorious words!

I miss writing sometimes. It's a dull ache that I feel regularly, but most of the time I can ignore it. I can go for weeks or months on occasion, but at some point it becomes a song that¬†hums inside me until I give it a voice. I'd imagine it's a bit like how some... Continue Reading →

All that bites

Two months ago M and I moved into a new apartment. When I say 'new', it's actually a fairly old complex with 60 units and it's a place I'd had my eye on for several years. I thought it would be perfect because it ticked just about all of my boxes: fantastic bathtub? tick, double... Continue Reading →


I have returned! With a new laptop and...a cold... Actually, I'm mostly over it now, but it's the first time I've been legitimately sick for quite a while. Incidentally, it also coincided with a very quick flight to Sydney and back again to see my grandmother who is in hospital, my plague and a very... Continue Reading →

Der be rope in dem der hills

So, since we last had a proper chat (and I don't mean about yoga...) I've attended three rope sessions. There has been some suspension, some inversion and some semenawa. All of it has been carried out in a drafty shed with a concrete floor, next to a creek where the chill just seems to set... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a yoga noob

Five¬†weeks ago I signed myself up for yoga classes at a respectable yoga school close to my office. I had walked past that place everyday for almost 2 years thinking that one day I would like to see what is behind its blacked-out windows, but it took the fear of offering my services as a... Continue Reading →

The end of the trail

I've posted the last two days of my pilgrimage so that's it. So as M succinctly put it, "You've walked it, you've blogged it. It's all done and dusted." I quietly close a door in my life...and then I pull another open one with... Yoga lessons. Yes, I've signed up for a six week introduction... Continue Reading →

Crisis averted

I have a ropey top to tie me up in July! Yay for desperate messages on fetlife. Unfortunately the workshop needs minimum numbers of attendees so I don't actually know if they will be going ahead. I can haz sum rope pleaz? It's a long weekend in Australia and I went to the gym and... Continue Reading →


Yeah...so there was another large earthquake in Japan. The one that happened on Thursday has been now downgraded to a "pre-shock" and the one that happened this morning (Saturday)¬†at 1:30am is officially the "earthquake." In between there have been 142 pre/after shocks of level 3 or more so¬†I'd be pretty damn jittery if I was... Continue Reading →

Aaaand there’s more where that came from

Food porn Prawn porn (can you believe the size of those? and next to them is a pile of abalone) Melon bread croissant porn Yes, it's a thing and it was good (but it was more melon bread shaped like a croissant.) And if you want to read day 2 of ohenro, it's up there.

There’s another one there

Day 1 of Ohenro is up there in the menu, if you're not templed out already. If you are, here is a picture of an exquisite dish I had in Kyoto - complete with plum blossoms and an octopus egg sac.


Hello again! Holy crap, it's been so long since I did a proper blog that I'd forgotten how long it takes. I just did the first of the pilgrimage blogs and I swear it took me three hours (not helped by the fact that I've discovered that photos you take on your phone don't like... Continue Reading →

Filling in the blanks

Hello! I've been away for a while. "No shit." I hear you say. Actually, I have a fairly legitimate excuse. There's been some of this: Some of this: Some of this: And lots of walking up this: While I looked like this: It's all now much clearer, right? Yes, I went to Japan for a... Continue Reading →

On the mend

Q: How do you know when your man is on the mend? A: He starts getting horny. And for a man who spent the better part of six weeks with a ball sack¬†the size of a melon, being horny is particularly¬†significant. M is much better now and thanks again to everyone who was worried about... Continue Reading →

Good news, everyone!

Just a quick update, M was discharged from hospital on Friday. It was a loooong three emotionally-charged and tiring weeks, but he's home and that's great. It will still be a few more weeks before things are back to 'normal' I'd imagine. He's grumpy, restless and uncomfortable so it feels like I've suddenly given birth... Continue Reading →

In sickness and in health

(TL;DR: M has renal failure and a bevy of health issues and will be in hospital for the foreseeable future.) I've had one of the worst weeks of my life. Actually, I shouldn't be bitching about my own week being bad because I'm not the person in hospital, in a lot of pain with various... Continue Reading →


I met an old friend for lunch today. I've known her for over ten years and she has always been fascinated by two things: my crooked index finger and my lifestyle. By the way, I really hate calling it a 'lifestyle' but I don't know what else to say...'life choice'? 'kink'? 'out of the ordinary... Continue Reading →

Planes, grunts and scowls

I spent a few days travelling this week for work. There were a couple of flights, a shitty hotel room, several taxi rides and many hours in cars traversing the countryside with nothing to look at. Travelling always makes me tired. It takes me a while to be able to sleep in an unfamiliar place... Continue Reading →


I spend a good 85% of my time at work skimming through documents, proof-reading and¬†absorbing (through open-plan office osmosis)¬†conversations going on around me so I know what is happening. The other 15% I spend talking to clients, carefuly composing ranty emails and fighting the urge to kill my colleagues.¬†When I make a coffee,¬†I thumb through... Continue Reading →

Boot camp

Normally when I talk about boots, M's eyes light up like mine do when I spot NY cheesecake on the dessert menu, but I don't think he's going to be very excited by this discussion of boots. I signed up for boot camp last week. Well, when I say boot camp, it's actually 'outdoor fitness... Continue Reading →

Toxic thoughts

I woke up this morning to discover that the twin sister of someone I knew had died from a caffeine overdose. Apparently she had been taking some 'diet' pills and after drinking a coffee at a coffee shop, the combined amount of caffeine had been toxic. She was twenty-seven and had only recently been married.... Continue Reading →

Huffing it

It's not very well known that¬†I have a floor-plan fetish.¬†¬†Poring over floor plans is one of the things that I love to do and it makes me quite sad that floor-plans are¬†rarely provided¬†in Australia for properties that are for rent or sale (unless you're building). I'm surprised that more people don't demand a layout when... Continue Reading →

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