Excess baggage

A message that I got from Gracie (my literotica pal) today made me start thinking about emotional baggage. Everything that we do, experience, see or hear affects us in some way. It carves something into us that we carry around with us forever. I don't think we can ever smooth over those wounds-we can accept... Continue Reading →

“T” is for training

It seems like I'm doing the bdsm alphabet here so after 's' for service comes 't' for training. It's a word that pops up everywhere and that I never really understood, but at some stage I must of had a moment of clarity because I'm thinking that service and training are inter-related. My definition or... Continue Reading →


I got my first translation work much quicker than I had expected. It is good money and necessary for us but I have so many bad memories connected with Japan that it saddens me to be doing it again. Being able to shut the door on that part of my life would give me closure... Continue Reading →

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