A new boi

Makes me sound like some kind of Domme, don't you think? A guy called has been sending me mail on collarme. He's a postgrad student living in Perth and just finding out about D/s and bdsm. I'm not sure what prompted him to contact me..probably my photo more than anything else, but he's very unsure... Continue Reading →


Alarm clocks and kitten and warm woollen mittens

brown paper packages wrapped up with string..these are a few of my favourite things. But it really does depend on the 'type' of alarm clock! There is just something amazingly erotic about being woken, used, smacked and sent off to work. I was still buzzing around when I arrived at work and my co-worker goes... Continue Reading →

Work, work and more work

And the sabbath is a day for translation work. It's a good thing that I'm not easily bored or I would be pretty over things by now! Well, at least I got the big translation project I had to do completed. It's been at the back of my mind for the last couple of weeks... Continue Reading →

Back on the chain gang

Lots and lots to write about so where do I start....Hmmmm....Lots of delicious and yummy things to recall... First, I was feeling fairly stressed and I'm sure it was mostly due to work. Learning that I was going to have another month in the restaurant was a pretty sobering thought..and with school holidays coming up... Continue Reading →

A samurai or two

There's something about Tom with a katana that is very sexy...if only I could stop looking at his big nose. Ever since Top Gun and that sex scene with Kelly McGillis all I can look at is his nose. But isn't there something that they say about men with big noses? Watching 'The Last Samurai'... Continue Reading →

Japan Top 10

Top 10 Hate List 10. Men peeing, spitting, coughing up loogies onto the street anywhere, anytime of day. 9. Waiting in a line.....to go to the toilet, to get on the train, to get off the train, to buy anything, to get a seat in a restaurant, (3 hrs for conveyor belt sushi!!!) 8. Food... Continue Reading →

Bondage hour or two or three

....or even more! After being so needy for so long I finally did it..I popped the big question and made the request. I don't think I've done something quite that hard for quite some time. There's a great deal of difference between "Can I turn the light on?" and "Could you tie me up?" I... Continue Reading →

Sex and piercings

It was a very quiet day-lots of zzzzzzs in the morning then chatting in alt all day. It was fun, but felt so unproductive. Yesterday was my 2 month anniversary here. It's very bizarre but it feels kind of normal-like I've been here forever, but in a good way. There's a lot of the town... Continue Reading →

Morning sex

There's something delicious about waking up and being used...it keeps me happy through the whole day. I think I definitely need a 9 to 5 job! I woke up about 10a.m this morning and just lay there thinking about lots of things. The biggest thing I was thinking about was how incredibly horny I was!... Continue Reading →


A very apt subject as I always seem to be escaping from something.....subby ex-husbands, anal Japan, cricket..... Always trying to better myself and always trying to find something better in what I escape to. I was thinking today that having a bondage hour might be fun..although there is something embarassing about tying yourself up with... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

One interesting thing that came out of our discussion the other day was the fact that I had 'surprised' Master. I found it very interesting and quite surprising myself! It was when we were discussing tolerance and my ability to 'take' what Master bestows upon me. I guess I have been wondering about that a... Continue Reading →

Facing the music

God, I don't think I've ever not wanted to go home so strongly before in my life. I'd written so many 'bad' things in my journal and didn't want to face the music, so to speak. While I was at work I'd completely kept everything out of my mind and was in my "F&B Zone"... Continue Reading →


Master kept asking me what my plans for the day were and how long I needed for my translation etc. etc. so I knew something was in the air. Normally, He never asks about things like that so I guessed that He had something in mind. So it turned out that it was my 'reward'-for... Continue Reading →

It’s rainin’s again

Riding to work this morning I noticed that the sky is definitely becoming lighter earlier and it's so much warmer. It's interesting to feel the changing of the seasons and have a real sense of time passing....Something I kind of missed out on for a greater portion of my life. I was thinking the same... Continue Reading →

To ask or not to ask

Last night we went to see "Unleashed". It had an interesting blurb of 'The collar comes off September 1' and "serve no master" so it seemed like a good movie to go and watch. It was quite a yummy movie-just enough martial arts scenes that weren't over the top and collars and cages and references... Continue Reading →

Fighting the urge

Mmm...with 18 e-mails in the last 18 hrs bouncing around between me and Japan I'm seriously fighting the urge to open a vein! But it's all good...I think. I'd forgotten how tedious and how draining it is when people start asking questions about your translations. I'd like to be able to say "That's how I... Continue Reading →

For the people

I had some training today in customer service and dealing with the public (gee how I love the word 'training') All very basic stuff about smiling and choosing a good attitude and making the guests feel special etc.It was like customer service for dummies! So to keep me entertained and to stop from nodding off... Continue Reading →

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