I used to talk about 'little bubbles of happiness', meaning that it was the small things in everyday life that used to bring a smile to my face- things like when the train was 30 seconds late and I made it without having to wait for the next train, or when I found mars bars... Continue Reading →


Yummy smells

Cheesecakes, scones and armani...three things that smell glorious in close proximity. I can smell armani on the bed, on the lounge and it drifts across to me as I sit here typing in my journal. And every time I do smell it I just want to say, "Take me, take me to the bed and... Continue Reading →

The scent of a man

The day of all days-the birthday! And what does one get Master? Of course the keys to a brand new shining 2006 Ninja would be ideal, but due to budget limitations that was not quite possible. I had considered buying lots of different things such as a new toy for the toy box..but I was... Continue Reading →


This is a topic that I always seem to be having trouble with. My idea and my admittedly vanilla idea about training is that it is learning to do a specific task- equipping you with skills to do a certain job, in a sense. In a M/s relationship I would assume that training is learning... Continue Reading →


Yes, I'm a bottler and no, my ability to communicate about things before they get so large and overwhelming that they threaten to choke me is not improving. I'd be fooling myself if I said that I thought it would-I don't think this part of my personality will ever change. For lack of a better... Continue Reading →

Sirs, sirs and poly sirs

Chatting with G tonight I realized that he has the 'domly essence'..I'm not sure what it is, but it is something that comes through their words and makes you want to call them Sir or Master or Ma'am. I'd always wondered how that feeling could come through the screen-with text that has no tone or... Continue Reading →

Couldn’t have said it better myself

"A true sub/slave is a complex sentient that craves being handled. She is performance driven because she thrives on her owners’ attention. Her demure maybe cool, but internally, she is a bundle of raw nerves a thousand times more sensitive to sight, sound and touch. She is never happy unless she is being controlled because... Continue Reading →

A slave in need…

..is irrepressible indeed! Ever since my period last week I've been horny. I guess it's some hormonal thing but I've always been more needy than usual when menstruating. I used to tease my ex unmercilessly when I had my period because I knew that we couldn't/wouldn't have sex. It was fairly cruel and a bitchy... Continue Reading →

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