The ties that bind

The rope bit into her soft flesh. It gnawed and rubbed reminding her always of its presence. Her legs were singing in distress -made to remain in the same position for several hours, her muscles burned. The gentle licks of pain reminded her of the inferno in her belly. Fueled by an overwhelming need to... Continue Reading →


I close my eyes to see

I wrote a story once about about a girl who was lying on a ledge dying. She'd fallen down and was waiting for death. Death came like an animal, panting over her broken body and she felt herself being consumed. Rather intense There are always so many ways to describe things-the shadow is the... Continue Reading →


Master asked me yesterday what it was about being chained up or the idea of being put in a cage that tuned me on. I was thinking about it for most of the day and believe I have come up with the answer. At first I thought it was only the security and protection that... Continue Reading →


To everything there is a season, there is a 'time' for each and every thing in our lives. Having learned and understood this, all I need now is to see the schedule... We're always in a hurry to be somewhere, or do meet the deadline or else.Always working to some grand scheme that no-one... Continue Reading →

The wax museum

The cooling smooth of the wooden table grounded her. It supported and held her fast, defying her wish to fall. The harsh comfort of the rope encircling her wrists and ankles connected her. It fused and bound her, keeping her safe from herself. "I'll be needing an hour of your time later," He said in... Continue Reading →

Spacing out

Space...the final frontier...these are the voyages of the starship kitten....... I thought I should write a bit about subspace as I think that's what I've been feeling a few times and I want to put down my feelings in writing. I guess the easiest way to describe it is as 'waves'.I'm not really sure where... Continue Reading →

Some things

"Some things are organic and take their time to become clear. Sometimes they're like Yoga poses. You hold the position you are in until you can't hold it any more and you have to rest, and a new position will suggest itself. Sometimes it's like winter and it seems nothing new will grow. Patience with... Continue Reading →

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