The epiphany

I think everytime that I've had an epiphany it's been a life-changing moment and this time was no exception. Where I was blaming Master for not being dominating enough to make me feel like a slave, I was actually not treating Him as my Master. Where I felt that He should be keeping me in... Continue Reading →



It all started last Tuesday, the last night of my second day off before I went back to work. I'd been in alt and had passed a comment along the lines of that I was in need of something, anything to get me down off the ceiling. Master said to me 'Oh, so your antzy... Continue Reading →

The other side of the fence

I was so nervous..God!..meeting a family member..and Master's sister at that.But she was great. Although, it would of been better if both of us had been healthy..but one can't have It's always so amusing to meet siblings and other family members. You see a whole completely different side of the One you think you... Continue Reading →

Girl talk

I've really enjoyed the couple of chats Master and I have had recently. It takes me back to the days when we first 'met' and we'd spend hours and hours chatting. I had saved most of our chat logs but they were left in my computer in Japan. It's such a shame that I don't... Continue Reading →

Loves, likes,needs and wants

One thing I'd always been insanely curious about was what Master enjoyed doing the most. So I asked and the answer was pleasingly surprising....He enjoys putting me in bondage and marking me. I'm not really sure what I was expecting Him to answer but for some reason I didn't think that bondage would be high... Continue Reading →

Shame on you!

hame on you! Dec. 8th, 2005 | 07:59 pm I had a very interesting chat with Master last night. I'd been meaning to ask Him what He enjoyed the most about our relationship for quite a while but had never really worked up the courage. Not that it is an off-limits question or anything, there's... Continue Reading →


Fulfilment n 1: a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires 2: the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc) What fulfills you, creates peace in your heart and brings forth a smile on your face? What satiates the yearning in your belly for completion and wholeness? My slavery does all these... Continue Reading →

Tolerance of all things

I'm in two minds about last night's play.On one hand I loved it. It was rough, raw and ravishing. I felt well used and a perceptible tightening of my chain. I love to have my slavery impressed upon me in a variety of ways. So that I never forget for a moment who and what... Continue Reading →


"we (slaves) are here, after all, to feel the tightening and shortening of the chain. i'm certain i'm not alone in not simply wanting to serve for the sake of serving. in all honesty, i'm more selfish than that. i want to serve a Man with whom i feel my slavery. one who will make... Continue Reading →

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