A very strange thing happened...I discovered that I had been lying to myself. I had forgotten the golden rule "Above all else to thine own self be true" and in my fear of something imagined I had bottled up my feelings of discontent. I guess it all came to a head when I had a... Continue Reading →


Extravagance as necessity

The deluxe suite at the Crown Plaza. Champagne and food from room service. A bag full of toys. Nothing like a haiku to start a journal entry! And that is how Master and I spent our precious day off together on Tuesday. It may have been extravagant and money that we really can't afford to... Continue Reading →

What a load of bull!

Well, I've now been christened with a bullwhip- had my trial by fire and have the bruises and marks to show for it. I won't lie and say that I wasn't scared- but scared of the whip itself and not the One holding it. It's just so big and imposing..has a life of its own... Continue Reading →


My bowl is something other than the cane that I have a love/hate relationship with. The whole process of cutting up my food, leaving it to cool, putting it into my bowl and then kneeling down on the floor at Master's feet is ever so humbling. And as I chase the food around the bottom... Continue Reading →

The power of One

I had a very definitive moment today. I was cooking dinner and had just gone in to tell Master that it would be another few minutes when He decided that it was time for my drink. Master was sitting in His chair and I was kneeling so it was a little different to how it... Continue Reading →

The Penance

I was staring off into space at work thinking about what I could do for a penance. I'd had a little chat with a domly friend MD about it and he found it very interesting that Master had given the task of thinking up a penance to me. MD seemed to think that it didn't... Continue Reading →

Big, bad butt plugs

For our last night together alone before Master starts work we had a very interesting session. Master gave me quite a thorough whipping and caning and then left a butt plug inside me for longer than it really feels comfortable for. I'd never been caned on my back before and I've decided that it is... Continue Reading →

A new gurl

J is a police officer who hasn't been with a man for 7 years and wants to explore her submissive side. The exchanges between her and Master have been highly amusing. She is trying so hard to maintain some kind of control over where she is going with it all but her reactions to things... Continue Reading →

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