Daily pledge

He is Master, and i am slave. He is owner, and i am owned. He commands, and i obey. He is to be pleased, and i am to please. Why is This? Because he is Master and i am slave


Three strikes

The last couple of days have been pneumatic blur. A flurry of sights and sounds punctuated by stabs of clarity that seem to move in slow motion. I guess the pivotal moment was pressing the enter key after composing the letter. My heart was pounding as I knew that I had pushed off from the... Continue Reading →

a letter

a letter... Feb. 25th, 2006 | 01:21 pm Master, I'll begin with a question... What is it that you want? In April when we first met, you said to me that you had waited 18 months and were finally ready for another relationship. You'd looked for a slave, but they were so very rare and... Continue Reading →

Slavemats and scenes

I woke up stiff and cramped the morning (just for something completely new!..lol)..let me rephrase that...more stiff and cramped than usual. No matter how many hours I spend chained or tied with my knees bent up so I can't straighten my legs it doesn't get any easier. But I suppose it would take out half... Continue Reading →

Just because He can

Listening to the wind rustling the trees outside the window, hearing the birds twitter in the distance, I was calm, enjoying the nothingness and the chance to withdraw from the outside world and focus on the internal. The chain rubbing my clit and biting into my breast, the cuffs that no matter which way I... Continue Reading →

Leniency Part II

Most of my revelations or epiphanies tend to come about after I've been exposed to a particular catalyst. One of my most influential catalysts of late has been a journal of a slave named kaya. Her journal is raw, emotional, painful to read at times and I truly feel for her. I see so many... Continue Reading →

Things that make me go mmmm

This is not exactly a wish list, but more of a list of my fantasies. I've thought a lot about things that I would like to have done to/with me but I always find it hard to verbalize exactly what it is that makes me moist. I guess any sub worth their weight in chains... Continue Reading →

Leniency vs kindness

These are two things that look indistinguishable on the surface, but when you peel back a few of the outer layers they really are quite different emotions. Subs and slaves alike want a 'kind' Master or Sir, but we also want someone who is strong enough to not be lenient. We are here to be... Continue Reading →

Can romance and dominance co-exist?

I asked Master the other night whether He though romance was more important than dominance. He responded by saying that both were important and because our roles are well-defined it's ok to have snuggles (^V^). He then said that if He had to choose that He would choose dominance. I was surprised by His answer... Continue Reading →

Falling into you

I like to describe my journey to slavehood as being 'moulded'. It's not that I'm being 'melted down' and recast into something else-I'm being softened and reshaped, all the while losing nothing of who I am (but probably gaining more). My image of this process is fairly well explained by the song "Falling into you".... Continue Reading →

Butt it hurts!

I'm liking this idea of a playtime timetable! First period: math, second period: English, third period:copious amounts of bruise-making playtime. Perhaps setting specific times for us to have fun is a good way to ensure regular play that often gets lost in the vanilla torrents of everyday life. I always feel this incredible urge to... Continue Reading →

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