Where angels fear to tread

One moment that stood out in our discussion was when I told you that I had not always done things that were required of me.There had been times in the past that I'd sat on the lounge, used crockery, played without permission, walked where I should of crawled, times when I had blatantly been disobedient.... Continue Reading →



Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom. Allow me the spirit to know His needs. Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace. Allow me the love to show Him myself. Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him. Allow me the light to show us the way. Allow me the wisdom... Continue Reading →

The ‘s’ word

"Are you not a female?" "Of course" "Then there is a slave girl in you that wants her master." Female slaves are sexual and they thrive within their sexuality as a part of what makes them mastered and owned. A woman who is mastered and enslaved cannot help but be fully and completely uninhibited to... Continue Reading →

Feeding time at the zoo

The analogy of me as your pet is a very good one. Our relationship by it's very nature causes me to depend on you. I'm giving up my autonomy and my independence and as such, I come to rely on you for a great many things- the most important of them being feeding time. By... Continue Reading →

Dead woman walking

Starting with nothing but an ever-tightening noose. It sounded like a good idea at the time-starting with nothing and earning things back as priviledges. As we lay on the bed you asked me if I was ready to start with nothing: "No gym, no tv, no computer...." (Shit! I hadn't even thought about losing the... Continue Reading →


I believe everyone has needs, what comes to pass in a Master slave relationship is the priority of those needs in a slave and the prioritizing capabilities of the Man and his wish to achieve his objective of enslaving a woman. In other words, I believe the Man will utilize your needs and what he... Continue Reading →


"Welcome back" "It's good to be home" It's taken me a while but I'm here, where I'm supposed to be, my place, my home. After twenty one long, hard, terrifying days of teetering on the edge and thinking some very dark thoughts, I've seen the light, the glimmer that has illuminated my path. And I'm... Continue Reading →

The warmth of cold steel

I mentioned in my last entry that I've come to realize that I am a slave to being a slave, and that is true on a variety of levels. I was lying there last night running my hands over the links and feeling like a giddy school girl about to go out on her first... Continue Reading →

Better the devil you know

I've learned a lot about myself over the past week or so-learned what I cannot live without, learned some things that have made me a little wiser and for better or for worse I've learned to ask for things and to say no. I have also learned that I am a slave in more ways... Continue Reading →

Dom shopping

We are strong people too, and we do tend to be intelligent. We are often highly trained professionals or skilled craftsmen. However, we tend to avoid lifestyles and careers that demand we be in control all the time. We tend to be easygoing. I have never in my life met, or even heard of, an... Continue Reading →

Shake ____ ‘n’ roll

Strange as it may sound, I was at work today and heard a sound on the tv that brought me up short: The rattle of chains And it filled me with such a sharp longing that it took my breath away. I've been spending lots of time lately looking at all those nasty pics and... Continue Reading →

Drama queen and attention whore

I've been thinking over these past few days as I feel like crap and oh so very blah..that I really, really hate to feel blah. Give me a nice little emotion in a box tied up with ribbon-even hysteria will do-but never give me blah. It's that blah in everyday life that I abhor. I... Continue Reading →


When you enter a D/s relationship the submissive or slave is agreeing to the Dominants terms..The Dominant dicates the course of the relationship and all thats involved..thats what your submitting to. Now different dominants have different expectations..you have to find the right one for you...so find out exactly what your committing to before it starts.... Continue Reading →


My head hurts and I just feel like crying all the time. I feel like I'm being pulled in three different directions at once. I enjoyed my time at the gym this afternoon because I didn't have to think, didn't have to try to make decisions that I can't, I could just be and that... Continue Reading →

Boot camp

A convo with a good friend... MD:so how's the slave routine going K:I'm collarless at the moment...I asked him to take it off MD:why K:issues...pretty much what I discussed with you before MD:well sorry to hear that K:I don't think he's fulfilling his duties MD:you know why southern plantations had 100's of slaves dont you...easier... Continue Reading →

The how and not the why

A conversation he and I had... K:how are you feeling? M:better than I have been...somewhat positive K:didn't you tell me yesterday that you always think postively? M:yes I do but thinking and feeling are 2 different things...didn't get to see much of you today - went to bed practically as soon as you left for... Continue Reading →

Spinning gold out of straw

I've come to a realization that I have too much. Too much choice, too much freedom, how can I make a decision when the choices are endless? Things were a lot simpler when there was just you and me and I put up and shut up. I don't like this fear that I am feeling... Continue Reading →

Testing the waters

These last 4 days have been a test - a test of my resolve and a test of your commitment. You said that you wanted to change, but couldn't make any promises. And I agree. I really don't think that anyone can promise anything, especially when it is about personalities or styles. But these last... Continue Reading →

All talk and no words

I've enjoyed immensely our little chats over the past few days. I like having your undivided attention as you bounce off my thoughts, clarifying a little here, expanding a little there. I like looking into your eyes and seeing the kaleidoscope of emotions there. I did have a little cry after reading your comment to... Continue Reading →

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