I just looked at my last entry and realised that it has been 12 days, nearly two whole weeks since I wrote in here. It's not to say that I haven't been thinking about things or wanting to write, it's just that I have been so god-damn lethargic. I've been thinking about a great many... Continue Reading →



Fear I've always found that I do better work under threat of something. Without fear of retribution or punishment or consequences of some sort, I do find it ever-so-hard to get motivated. Some of my best teachers have been ones that are friendly and can share a joke, yet will be scary as hell when... Continue Reading →

Intense subtlety

Making my way through the round of blog reading I do every morning, I came across a point that really struck home with me. It was a discussion about chores and tasks and how without some sort of feedback or direction from the domly one they lose their focus as training procedures and become nothing... Continue Reading →


Blame it on the 5 cups of coffee I had today. Blame it on the choc-top I had at the movies tonight. Blame it on the period I just got. Or blame it on my frustration and *extreme* disappointment at how our first week of the trial went. I really do feel like I am... Continue Reading →

More than all

As I read through the blogs of other subs that I feed off, and in a sense, rely on to fill some sort of constant need for bdsm, I notice one idea that permeates every single one of them-insecurity. Everytime there's a little slack in the chain and we have the freedom to 'wander off... Continue Reading →

Trials and tribulations

Day 3 Simple. That's how I can describe my life at the moment. No tv, very little computer, nothing at all to distract me (if only there wasn't work!)Although there are moments when I'm screaming inside because I want to grind with my character on WoW or when I really could so with some mindless... Continue Reading →

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