I decided to have a brazillian today. There really wasn’t any need and it’s not like I have anyone to maintain myself for, but I felt a little like it was my duty- to keep myself ready and available at all times. There was a period just after I’d decided to leave when I went... Continue Reading →

Father figure

The similarities really are quite scary. I saw my dad for the first time in about a year on the weekend. His non-existent care factor and complete lack of ability to communicate with me are strikingly familiar. I wonder if he would be able to whisper in my ear and tell me sweet nothings if... Continue Reading →

The deepest, darkest hollow

It was tough to start to write again. There were a few things that I had wanted to write this past week or so but I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to start and every time I came back here I’d see what I had written before and the whole Pandora’s box would be... Continue Reading →


Packing. It's something that I'm very,very good at. I'd waited until the very last moment to do it, though;it seemed so very final and absolute. So all the boxes are sealed and what remains for me is to catch the plane. I marvel everytime my life is packed away into those boxes-it's so meager and... Continue Reading →


He is the one man, perhaps the only man in her whole life, who has ever seen her shame, known how she craves to humiliate herself, and yet has neither ridiculed nor despised her? He is the only one who accepts her shame, who wants to help her celebrate it. And she feels for him... Continue Reading →

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