Unspoken words

I was put to bed the night before with wrists cuffs on, ankles cuffed together and a gag in my mouth. A gag was always a part of my little 'tie myself up nice and quick' sessions, usually a scarf or two with a piece of towelling to go inside the mouth and stop the... Continue Reading →

Unchartered territory

A slave girl boldly going where no slavegirl has gone before....Here I was the other day about to put in a tampon and I reached down and thought, 'Where the fuck is my hole?'Now, I'm usually fine locating all of my holes, where to wipe for a number one and where to wipe for a number two... Continue Reading →

Bugs and valiants

So Master has this game that he likes to play-this is in addition to the mindfucks and other games of 'let's toy with the slave'. Volkswagon bugs are 10 points, valiant utes are 50. Spot one and the points are yours (of course the other person has to be there to validate the sighting.) I get... Continue Reading →

Day by day

'It's good to get what you want, better to want what you get.' (courtesy of pure_blue)Good words to live by and considering that what I want changes on a dime, if I could stop being so needy and greedy, wouldn't life be so simple? I want to be beaten when I'm not being beaten and not... Continue Reading →


Freshly bathed with pussy rings gleaming, I sit down to play with my puter and the English language... I've always found it ironic that I can be so expressive with the written word but really am lacking when it comes to speaking.It's often the case that I have a dry run of what I'm about... Continue Reading →

Mr Strap

Mr Strap and I have become aquainted over the past few days. Master introduced him to me just after I arrived and he left a fantastic deep purple and red calling card in the shape of a perfect oval bruise on my butt cheeks. He's an interesting guy to know, but being a bit full... Continue Reading →

Hussy hooker slut

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again" Well, it wasn't a jet plane, but a propeller plane (close enough!) and after I had boarded I felt a wave of relief -I'd actually managed to fit everything into my suitcases and I'd actually managed to get on the plane without... Continue Reading →

P Day

I kind of found it ironic that Piercing Day (P Day) fell on the thirteenth of August. Bad things always seem to happen to me on that unluckiest of days- the elastic snapping and my underwear dropping to my ankles in primary school, trips to a certain outback destination, pussy tampering...the list goes on. So... Continue Reading →

Only time will tell

Languages reveal a lot about culture. More words to describe similar things mean that there is a high incidence of those things in the culture or that they are important. Japanese has a lot of words for sadness- there is a word for "lonely sadness", a word for "sadness due to relived memories" and my... Continue Reading →

Pre-emptive slavery

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I like things that make me stronger and I like things that don't kill me...sounds fairly straight forward, don't you think? Or is it? I do a lot of things that I don't like and I mostly get them done by thinking of the reward, i.e. the pleasure... Continue Reading →


"My fucking anger management class pisses me off." This gets my award for funniest thing written on a t-shirt. But it also brings up my topic for today-I'm feeling a bit testy. Not really sure why, but probably due to my dwindling time to do everything that needs to be done and the pressure I'm... Continue Reading →

Packing Part 50,000,0001

Listening to the Corrs and going through my things...a rather melancholy way to spend an evening. Looking through photos, reliving past lives, it's all very surreal, 'Was that me there?', 'Did I really see that?' That's definitely me in the pictures, but it seems like half a lifetime ago. So I've come to the conclusion... Continue Reading →

Gossamer bonds of steel

It was coming from somewhere. At the edges of her consciousness the sound was hammering, rhythmically, steadily. She had ignored it and settled back into the welcoming darkness. But the sound kept coming back, intruding, jabbing at her mind. She knew it was a sound that was familiar but her mind was so sluggish. Thinking... Continue Reading →


Tap, tap, tap… I can hear these tapping noises every now and then. They're nails being hammered into my coffin. The lid's being put on the 'now me', ready for it to be buried 6-feet under. I'm grieving in a sense I suppose. I've lived as the 'now me' for twenty nine years. For all... Continue Reading →

Ebb and flow

Doing laps in the pool this afternoon I was thinking about Master-wondering what he was doing, wondering if he was wondering what I was doing and knowing that he was was and feeling very comforted. I feel my leash very subtley, but it's there. I run around at the end of my leash doing my... Continue Reading →

Public private parts

Insecurity wrapped up in self-doubt. Self-doubt shrouded in a lack of confidence. I’ve always been appropriate. I believe in fitting in, not being the nail sticking out that needs to be hammered down. I walk in the direction that the arrow shows. I dress in clothes that suit me, clothes that cover the bits that... Continue Reading →


I got off the phone from Master last night and the first thought in my head was, "I don't want to talk anymore." So I turned my mobile off, wondering what was going to happen tomorrow. The phone rang at about 7:30am. I bolted out of bed not sure if my mum or anyone else... Continue Reading →

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