Demon ass

I apparently have what's known as a 'demon ass'. Now, this doesn't mean that my ass takes on an occult life of its own, puking everywhere and making unsuspecting heads spin, it means that my bum is so inviting that Master finds it hard to stop beating it 'til it's black and blue.I've got a very pretty decoration... Continue Reading →

Drool, dogs, d-clips and Bob

After dealing with my over ouchie pussy for some time, on Master's advice I decided to call my piercer and find out what the hell was happening with my nether region:"Sounds like you might need to change your rings to barbells. Come in and see me on the weekend and until then get some betadine... Continue Reading →

The three-eyed monster

Laying there this morning with drool and snot and tears dribbling out, I was thinking, "Whatever! Do whatever the hell you want- it doesn't make a smidgeon of difference to me." Having the gag in was probably a good thing. It stopped me from saying that or anything else that would endanger my bum and it... Continue Reading →

Shitting where you eat

One would think that during our trip back to Master’s roots, the slave routine would be suspended-but it hasn’t. I think there is something slightly disturbing about being cropped, sleeping in bondage and sucking cock in rooms in family member’s houses without locks on the door. So while I’m doing my daily duties I’m straining... Continue Reading →

Melbourne and border security

I’ve never been a good plane passenger. Those 3, 5 or 7+ hours on a plane seem to pass agonizingly slowly and half way through I’m usually ready to jump out and make a free-fall landing. For me, the distance and time difference involved in traveling from Perth to Melbourne was like going overseas and... Continue Reading →

Biting myself on the bum

I'm always in two minds about venting in my journal. There really are times that I need to get stuff off my chest and putting it into words becomes very therapeutic, but there are also times that I dig the deepest holes to bury myself in.'Leniency' has been a word that I've heard at least... Continue Reading →

Mixed messages

I've been in a feral mood for the past couple of days-one of those moods where you want to be left alone to mope around the place but when being left alone is probably the worst thing that could happen.The ups and downs of it all confuse me. Why aren't I deliriously happy that I have... Continue Reading →

The first cut is the deepest

"Wearing a collar is a lot deeper for you than just wearing leather around your neck..."Wearing a collar and even just the idea of a collar is something that is so intense for me. I find it hard to explain sometimes.I love my collar to distraction and hate it with a passion. The noise it... Continue Reading →

Make it so Number One

Crisis situation!!! I'm tempted to dial 911 and become another schoolkid statistic, one of those ones that doesn't know to call '000' in an emergency because of the influx of American tv....but I'm smarter than that, I've got an arts degree!!! Lol...Now I'm trying to breathe and calm down and not look at my ring... Continue Reading →

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