Learning for life

I've learned that you can keep going long after you can't. I've learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I've learned that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to... Continue Reading →


Tapping away to the beat of my biorhythms

I have had the most startling moment of clarity...it all makes sense now! The answer to the question of the universe is not 42, it's actually biorhythms!Now I know why I get absolutely feral every 28 days, why I feel so unmotivated every other day and invincible on others. It's all in these little lines... Continue Reading →

The right to no choice

It's a fundamental thing and something that we learn when we're still in the womb "Am I going to give this cervix a right ol' thumpin' just cause I feel like it? Or am I going to abstain 'cause the one on the other end of this umbilical cord is sleeping? Nah...fuck it...THUMP!"Thus we exercise choice.After so... Continue Reading →

Patience, my child

Some people describe me as a patient person and I suppose to a certain degree I need to be because of my current profession. I teach ESL and it can be quite challenging to teach someone English in English when they're still at the level of, 'This is not a book. This is a pen.' I can... Continue Reading →


I've spent quite a few hours in my cage of late. Curled up with my pillow and doona, I nearly always manage to nod off not long after the door is shut. I sleep a peaceful sleep for a while then I wake up when I need to shift position because some part of my anatomy... Continue Reading →


Master has a new addition to his toy box-a wicked-looking horse crop with a plaited leather shaft and a snappy little tongue. It's a bit like a cane really because the tongue is so small and the shaft impacts on the bum before anything else does. I tried it out on my hand on the... Continue Reading →

Lost in space

I think I may have given the wrong impression with my last post. Somewhere in between corsets and mickey dee's, I may have said things that would cause most readers to think that that I was being critical of Master-that I wasn't happy about his decision not to display me at the dungeon party. On... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and the dragon

Last Saturday I got dressed in my gothic corset and lace-up pvc skirt, Master clipped on my leash and off we went to a dungeon. I've really lived a fairly secluded bdsm existence and it's only been these last couple of months that I've actually been able to meet with people and put some faces... Continue Reading →

Letting the cat out of the bag

Please don't do this yourself, don't you have aspirations? Don't you want to live a fullfilling life? To travel, taste all sorts of different foods, dressed as you wish, go to whereever you wish and simply, enjoy being your own master? Is this really what you want to be? Do you really want to give... Continue Reading →

So hard it hurts

One thing I said to Master during my recent panic attack was that I thought being pushed was good. In an ideal world I would submit without hesitation and offer my bum up for whatever pleasure Master had in mind. In reality, it often takes all my willpower just to stay in position. I generally... Continue Reading →


I've been well and truly sucked dry. Wrung through an emotional wringer that I thought was going to squeeze the life out of me and it very nearly did.It was a normal weekend, spent zipping around the markets in town and doing some decluttering around the house. Sunday afternoon came and I wrote that previous... Continue Reading →

Not in any particular order

This is a list of non-livejournal blogs that I frequently stop by. All livejournal blogs are in my friends list.Alpha slaveslut on displayA view from the floorAtlanta Bondage A Bad Man in a Bad PlaceIf the Collar Fits Imperfectgrace Kinkerbelle - masochistically delicious Looking Glass magdala's submission The Heron Clan The journey Twice As Bright Welcome to the Mad House trinity puptrazureKnottygirlEchoes of a heartmillaKitten's Pawprints in... Continue Reading →

Crime and punishment

Master has bought a cage for me. A secure place to keep his animal. As it is now, he snaps his fingers, directs with commands like, "Down" ,"Stay"and "Heel" and leads me, his little slut puppy, around on a leash. The cage is another part of his plan to stomp out any notion of freedom that I... Continue Reading →

Animal instincts

It was the long weekend and while we had some plans in the making, I woke up with a urinary tract infection from hell and wasn't going anywhere. I felt nauseous, sore and so very tired. The whole thing was quite scary-hearing about how painful and uncomfortable they are is one thing, but actually peeing... Continue Reading →

Please release me…don’t let me go

 I'm a bit challenged on the mind-blowing orgasm side and always have been. Since I was a kiddie, I've been curling up on my left side and squeezing and releasing something 'down there' until there's this big build up and then I reach a point and something gives.I never really knew what I was doing-just that... Continue Reading →

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