The time: 6:30am this morning.The place: My bedroom.The players: Master, myself and the pirate Jacque (otherwise known as the big poodle pup)Master was there to check that his slave was wet, open and ready for use. I was there because I was still half asleep and I don't run very far, very fast with hunks of... Continue Reading →


Don’t worry be happy

Waiting naked on the bed in boots for my forty volkswagon bug points (how the hell did he manage to spot four in about ten minutes??!) Master was going over his response to my last post. Punctuating my responses with a sharp smack of Mr. Crop, I was beginning to get reluctant to say anything, but I... Continue Reading →


As a kid, I used to watch a cartoon where trucks and things used to transforrm into this gigantic fighting machine. I loved the fact that things in the everyday, such banal things, could be morphed into something so cool and exciting. At the movies last night I saw a preview for a new movie... Continue Reading →

Where there’s smoke…

Master and I went through my alt profile and updated my fetish list. I was quite upset that they don't have an gunky gobs of goo fetish in there somewhere-I suggest that it be called gooliphilia. I've recently progressed from ear wax to manky cunt goo. It really is quite rewarding to get those rings... Continue Reading →

Contented containment

I've had a couple of 'Oh, the pussy pain! Woe be me!' posts so it must be time for the pendulum to swing the other way for some light entertainment. A cheerful topic..hmmm...bondage is always something that cheers me up immensely, but I'm not sure if it has the same effect on everyone, so something... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna tell you a secret

Just a question- is it a good or a bad sign when your domly one starts snoring during relaxation time? I'm not sure if the suckling motion lulls him to sleep or just that he is bored shitless! Lol....I'm hoping it's the former. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, on the way home... Continue Reading →

You’e just too manky for me

I've got a manky, crusty cunt. Just in case you are one of my readers from a non-British English-speaking country (50% of you raise your hands!) manky might be a new word for you so I'll give you a few examples of its usage: "What did you buy that manky piece of shit for?" -you... Continue Reading →

At the OK Corral

'So why are you doing that John Wayne walk?' 'Ummm....' 'Did you have a hard work-out at the gym or something?' 'Yeah..you know...it was kinda tough. Right down the center of my inner thighs. Shesh! They really know how to work your abductor muscles!'Day two of Madame Robocop and I was John Wayne-ing it around at work praying... Continue Reading →

More machine than human

I have emergedthrough the conundrum of pussy fire. I'm seared. Cleansed. Something more than what I used to be. I woke up on Sunday morning as a slave with a half-completed cunt and I went to bed done, finished and whole...or perhaps holey...lol. Master pointed out that I was a lot calmer this time and... Continue Reading →

….as good as I can be

I'm a little miss goody-two shoes in real life. I pay my bills well before the due date, I return library books when I'm supposed to, I don't litter, I don't put my feet up on train seats...lol. I'm a real (*insert image of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction here) s..q..u..a..r..e. So this whole 'fall'... Continue Reading →

Word for the day

In class today with my kiddies (I call them that eventhough a couple of them are older than me and no-one is under 20) we were learning words that started with 'p'. I was quite amazed with some of the offerings they brought forward- pancreas, pond and pantechnicon were just some of the quirkier vocab... Continue Reading →

Teasing the tawse

"You know Mr Strap?""Yes."(wondering how to phrase the question because it could only be me in the whole entire world that doesn’t know)"You know a thing called a tawse?""Yes.""Well, is he a tawse?"(with eyes rolling to the heavens) "Yes, he is." I’m actually quite surprised that Master didn’t offer to demonstrate just how much of a... Continue Reading →

Staying alive

"You have to empty yourself. You have to give me all of you."It's something I've thought and pondered over for quite a while-how to be a good slave. Something that I couldn't for the life of me express, Master summed up quite succintly in two eloquent sentences.There is something so divine in the idea of... Continue Reading →

Wars and battles

God, I feel like hell tonight Tears of rage I cannot fight I’d be the last to help you understand Are you strong enough to be my man? It's a question I've asked myself time and time again about the men I've had in my life. No-one has ever really lived up to my standards-they're wishy-washy,... Continue Reading →

Woe, my fateful friend

I spent a lot of time feeling inadequate today-just a feeling that no matter what I did, it wasn't good enough.Things got off to a bad start when we had unexpected house guests on the night before my big exam. I cannot stress enough how my coping mechanisms have failed and it turned out to be the... Continue Reading →

Just a quickie…

..before I have to go and study. I'd forgotten how painful studying for tests was and I don't seem to remember having so much trouble memorizing things before. Does this mean that I'm getting old? Or has too much breath-play killed off too many brain cells? The mind boggles. Being Melbourne Cup day yesterday, we'd... Continue Reading →

The MP3 player

A gag, two wrist cuffs, a spreader bar, a length of chain, three d-clips, a black teddy and a pair of black thigh boots later I was trussed up on the bed awaiting my punishent. Somewhere between my comment in the car on the way home from the supermarket of,"I think I'll buy myself a... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the look

Master gives me these very enigmatic looks sometimes. They are mixtures of sadness and worry. Tonight he said:"I don't know how you feel, but you've made me very happy over these three months." Three months. That's all it's been. It often seems like things are frozen in eternity and one hour becomes a day or... Continue Reading →

Insuring the ensured

After several particularly low days (and I've got the biorhythm map to prove why!!!) I'm back to myself-or as close as I can get these days, being the piece of animal meat that I am... I was sitting here looking at my puter screen the other night and thinking, "Shit, I haven't been in my... Continue Reading →

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