Toys of past and present

A cropping, a bondage session and three orgasms later I was feeling quite content. Add in a caging and I would have been in seventh heaven. Such simple things keep a huge, girlie grin on my face (^v^) I've met quite a few different toys in my short time as a slave, some have made... Continue Reading →


Digging the depths

I wanted something evil done to me.Rough, biting, ravaging with sweat, drool and my cream smeared all over.I could barely breathe through the gag and that excited me.The chains biting into my flesh and pulling me down excited me.The spreader bar forcing my legs wide apart excited me.I was at the mercy of my Master... Continue Reading →


'"Did you read my blog?""Yes. Did you read my comment?""Yes."Master and I seem to have this exact conversation, without fail, every single day. I love the fact that he gets so involved in my blog and makes an effort to read and comment as soon as is humanly possible, but I have noticed one thing-he... Continue Reading →

Prison unbreakable

Today will officially be known as the day my cunt was shut down...literally. Not just closed for maintenance, but locked tightly shut with Master padlocks.A clithood barbell, six pussy rings and three padlocks. I had enough hardware dangling between my legs to make quite an impressive pimped up ride (all I need is to fit a... Continue Reading →

Food for thought

 How glorious it is -- and also how painful -- to be an exception.Alfred De MussetTwo hours before my scheduled brazillian it came. The plague, the curse, the rag, trolling for vampires, a visit from Aunt Flo, whatever you want to call it, I'm riding the cotton pony and it ain't pretty. So, my general... Continue Reading →

Pride and purpose

For the first time in quite a while there is another part of me that is wet and dripping-my nose. A red, running, swollen nose certainly doesn't make a welcome addition to the wet, dripping, engorged cunt I always have, but at least it doesn't make me want to spread my legs anymore than I... Continue Reading →

Credit where credit is due

After a comment from M at atlanta.bondage that perhaps I've lost my sense of direction after having attained a fairly significant goal in the slave scheme of things, I have to say that it's probably very true. Like those Japanese high school kids who study their brains out to get into uni then become all disillusioned once they... Continue Reading →

Two sides to every coin

I have to say that I always feel sorry for the slightly more sensitive of the domly ones. They are always stuck between a fucking hard place and a really hard fucking place...(or is that the subbies who are stuck in hard fucking places??? lol....)My domly one is one of those sensitive ones. Although he... Continue Reading →

The usual

I'm in an unusual place at the moment-somewhere I didn't imagine I could possibly be at this point in the relationship:Collared, ringed and marked, yet feeling less of a slave than I ever have before.It's bizarre.I can't explain it.Part of me thought that perhaps it was because I now really am what I had always been.Another part of me thought that something was... Continue Reading →

An interesting chat

Sitting here on Sunday afternoon having a perv on collarme, an interesting message popped up on my screen:He is a very kind master to let you write...... As soon as I saw that, I knew I needed to set him straight:Why would you say that? It's always been of my belief that doms who restrict their subs'/slaves'... Continue Reading →

On a slightly different topic

I've decided that spider gags are hot. What could be more perfect, metal and a gag, two of my favourite things combined in one handy device? In my perusals through assorted porn I can't stop but drool (pun over spider gags and how hot they look. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about how... Continue Reading →

The sound of silence

Along with my usual whining and moaning there is definitely a 'rustle' and a 'jangle' in the air. My bum rustles and my pussy jangles. I'm seriously contemplating changing the name of journal from 'subtle slave' to 'In your face slave'. With all the noise around me as I move, I ain't sneaking up on anyone.  After... Continue Reading →

Just a quickie about my tatt....$220 and 1/12 hours later I was a marked slave. Pain-wise, it was a walk in the park...really. It was even what I would class as a 'nice level of pain' I was in fact getting quite juicy and yummy. You can have a perv here


Just a few wowsers/yowsers from a week or so in the life of a subtle slave... 1. I missed out on a visit from Mystery Shopper number 2. The forgotten lunch date and a subsequent rash of phone calls that resulted in last Sunday morning's drinkie fest with my good ol' "I-whacked-that-son-of-a-bitch-real-good-with-me-shoe-'cause-he-pissed-me-off" pal meant that... Continue Reading →


I've always wanted to be insatiable, irresistible and just down-right addictive. Now it may sound like I have pretty high cards on myself, but the fact of the matter is that knowing I'm so completely and utterly precious that I drive men wild is, to me, as intoxicating as over-proof Bundy rum.carinastarr left a lovely comment... Continue Reading →

Walking the fine line

A question....can man live on smut alone?I probably could...but then again we all know that I am a shameless whore and hussy, so I'm not sure whether my answer is an authoritative answer to the question. I see many a blog with the day-to-day life of the blogger written succinctly on the web templates and I... Continue Reading →

A time for all things

Thanks so very much to everyone who sent messages of concern and tips for dealing with pussy healing. After some extensive trawling on the good ol' net for something I could get to settle down the girls, I purchased some cortisone cream and with a few applications since yesterday, they are definitely feeling more agreeable.... Continue Reading →


It's negative biorhythm week- just thought I'd prepare you for the onslaught of morose prose...My funky mood of late has been triggered by the fact that I am sick and tired and so utterly over pussy pain. My rings really are nothing but grief for me. I don't find them particularly attractive and it is just pain,... Continue Reading →

Age before beauty

I had a chat with my best friend when I was home about getting old. I think it started when we were discussing Master 'loaning' me out and then it progressed onto him selling or giving me away when it was time to move on. She asked a very pertinent question: "Do you think you're... Continue Reading →

Honing the blade

'You are obviously in a mood. Go and do what you have to do or I'll severely crop you.'So here I am, doing what I have to do. The threat of a cropping drove me to blog.I get in a mood every now and then. I'm not really sure why...perhaps sometimes it's because it's all just... Continue Reading →

Giving voice to the voiceless

Never let it be said that Master is a man of few words..."Do you remember when you were free? When you could do what you like? Do you remember now that you're a slave and you have to do what you're told? And what is it that you prefer now? You prefer being in your collar,... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

I'm back. My little soiree into freedom has ended and I'm back where I belong, with the cage, the crop and the leash. Master was waiting for me at the airport terminal and his promise to clip my leash on as soon as I came within arms reach looked like it was going to be fulfilled. I... Continue Reading →

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