This is what was waiting to greet Master when he arrived home from work yesterday. It was slavegirl with 'all the acoutrements' We have a rule that if I am home before Master, I am to greet him at the door in a proper slave-like fashion. Since I had been working full-time for the last... Continue Reading →


Student times

As of Monday I officially became a student again, for the fourth time in my life. First was the twelve or so years of regular school, then my year and a half of Japanese language school, followed by my four years of undergraduate study and now I'm back at uni doing a graduate diploma.I have a... Continue Reading →


One thing I always love reading about is how domly ones think. If you do a search for blogs by subs/slaves, you'll literally get hundreds of thousands of hits. If you search for blogs by domly ones, there are so few and if you broaden your search to ones that are actually written in and... Continue Reading →


I've never been so moody, so emotional or so 'difficult' with anyone as I have been with Master.  I cry, pout, scream, seethe, lash out, stew, mull, dwell and criticize, all while I swing wildly from one mood to the next.Eight months ago when things began to get serious with us and there was talk... Continue Reading →

Flogging the blog

Something interesting has happened... Master started his own blog kittens_master!I took a look at it tonight and it made me a bit teary. Not sure why...I guess it was more the fact that he cares enough about us/me to want to do something like that. It's really quite fascinating reading his takeon events and it's even more fascinating... Continue Reading →

The night of a thousand croppings

We never stop learning, or so they say. We gain information from everything we come in contact with and everyday we become a little wiser, a little more knowledgeable....or so they say.I've learned a lot of things recently, well actually, I've re-learned things that I already 'knew'.  You would think that if they are things... Continue Reading →

Slave trappings

The slave collar (locked on since August 2006) The slave tattoo (Japanese 'dorei' meaning slave) The slave cunt (6 outer labia rings and 1 clithood barbell)

Through the looking bars

Blinded by the light at 3am, the crop showered down on my side, my ass, my legs. "Don't give me that evil eye! What are you?" he boomed between thwacks."......"It wasn't the 'evil eye' I was giving him, it was actually just my myopic squint as my fuzzy brain tried to figure out who this guy... Continue Reading →

Like a virgin

That time in a young girl's life has finally arrived. I've gone down that path and taken steps that can never be re-traced. Barriers have been broken, experiences had. The deed is done...Yes, that's right. I have lost my concert virginity, that is  (^v^)Yes, this poor slave who has lived a meager and often sheltered... Continue Reading →

The greener grass

Master and I have different bedrooms-well to be completely TC about it, he has the Master bedroom and I have a 'cell'. We even have Master and slave bathrooms and Master and slave closets. There are a couple of reasons, but mostly it is so that there isn't a blurring between our roles. He is Master, I... Continue Reading →


I haven't been here much this week...not really sure why. I suppose needs, like anything, intensify and weaken. My need to leave my mark hasn't been so great, my need to share has been even less.I am a slave.I am a slave to needs. Not only Master's, but my own too.Watching the wooden pegs on... Continue Reading →

A picture tells a thousand words…

There's always a little something extra special in most photos, but you have to look hard. You have to look at the little things that the photographer missed, too intent on the subject of his captured moment. And you have to look hard at the little things that the subject missed, too intent on the... Continue Reading →

Filling in the cake

Many a night I lay in bed, waiting for sleep to come and wrap me in its cocoon. Many a night I lay in bed, listening to the quiet of the darkness around me. Many a night I lay in bed, throbbing, burning, consumed with thoughts of being taken, beaten, chained, filled, used. At times... Continue Reading →

Retail therapy

It's been a while since Master has been really pissed with me and this time it was for such an interesting reason.Delivered into our quaint little mailbox two or three times a week are gorgeous, glossy tickets to heaven. Bearing the judicious words of the retail gods, "65% off", "stocktake sale" or "buy one, get one... Continue Reading →

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