Chinese water torture

The last few days have been an absolute shocker. And I have to say that the icing on the cake was today.

I was supposed to have an ultrasound on my pelvis in an attempt to ascertain what my phantom pain is. This involves drinking 1 1/2 litres of water in an hour and holding it for another hour and a half then having the ultrasound which takes about 30mins.  Let me just tell you something, they don’t call it the Chinese water torture for nothing.

A litre and a half of water and one hour later I was grunting and moaning and tears were streaming down my face. I made it into the car and Master was asking me how my day was and stuff. All I could do was nod. I knew that if I breathed the wrong way, I’d be saying hello to ol’ yella. Fifteen minutes later we were on the way to the doctor’s when I just knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I needed to go and I needed to go NOW!

Crouched down next to the kerb on someone’s front lawn as cars raced past, my waters broke. It was the most pathetic sight. I just couldn’t stop crying.

So anyway, without the water in the bladder they can’t do the ultrasound and I can’t get an appointment to try it again for another week.

I suck at teaching, I just got my period, I pissed all over myself and I’ve got something in my abdomen, which could be cancer for all I know,

Things just keep getting better….at least this is my last enforced post….yay!

Oh, and I didn’t mean to put this at the end or anything, but Master has been so good. Thank you (^v^) Sorry I snotted on your hanky….


5 thoughts on “Chinese water torture

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  1. you don’t suck at anything, you suck my penis quite nicely.

    that guy is still an arse hole in my opinion not letting you pee in his house toilet, you were obviously in pain and desperate, he certainly missed out on humanity points in my view.

    early days yet on the teaching front don’t be harsh on yourself

    it won’t be cancer don’t going scaring yourself or me for that matter

    just make sure you wash and iron the hanky before returning it to me


  2. worst thing you could do is imagine you have cancer, doing so makes the pain worse. im betting that its got something to do with ageing, sorry, but we are all not getting any younger, its not proven but i believe that once mother nature decides its time for us to stop reproducing, that those organs that used to do so start causing us grief, fingers ctossed for your next visit and that results will ease your fears.

    just an idea for you, before you drink the required amount of water, make sure your bladder is empty and that you time it all in with how long it takes to get to Drs so that you arent bursting at the seams.

  3. Teaching

    I’m a teacher now, and a fairly good one. I totally sucked at the start. It’s about experience, observation and resources. Please don’t be discouraged at the start, it’s damn hard and it’s damn unrewarded. Persevere! It will come.


  4. Re: Teaching

    I think what is the most frustrating things for me is the fact that I have been teaching adults for quite a while with one piece of paper and now I’m trying to get another piece of paper to teach younger souls.It’s quite a different kettle of fish.

    But I do remember how I used to write 10 page lesson plans and how I sucked at the beginning and then came good. I know it takes time…patience.

    BTW, I have a feeling that there are quite a few teachers who are into bdsm…what do you think?


  5. Thanks for the ‘cheer-me-up’ comment.

    One ultrasound was all clear today and I have another one next week. The radiologist thinks it’s a bowel/intestine issue so I could be either having a barium enema or a camera shoved down my throat or up my bum….none of which sound very inviting…lol.


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