Dangerous men

Sitting at home watching a documentary entitled 'My Lover's on Death Row', I thought two things: (1) even though we have something like 40 channels to choose from on pay tv there is still nothing to watch and (2) I think I understand these women.Most of these women 'met' their lovers by writing to them. They... Continue Reading →


Slut shopping

I've got sore balls! Yes, for those who read me regularly, this may come as a bit of a shock, but I have balls, and they are sore..... ....balls of my feet that is (^v^). True to his word, Master took me out on the weekly shopping trip this weekend dressed as his slut in... Continue Reading →

Life’s needs

In my ponderings about life, love and bdsm I'm constantly trying to understand what drives me and others involved in D/s. In a sense I'm probably trying to figure out what makes us different.Recent psychoeducational research has shown that everything we do is motivated by our wish to have our universal needs satisfied.These needs are:1) attachment- motivation... Continue Reading →


Not the musical, but the furry fluff that coats our bodies.  It's been a few millennia since we started wearing clothes so you'd think that we'd evolve into hairless, slick beings. But no. In fact, I think I have more than the average quota of the stuff. I've got more hair than Mrs. Neanderthal herself.My... Continue Reading →


After spending my morning being the good little garden bitch, weeding, hoeing and general de-crapping in the slave compound (aka Master's backyard) I came inside to find that I still had thirty minutes until my much-awaited episode of Kelly Osbourne's Turning Japanese. 'Hold these for me while I drill some holes.' In his hot little... Continue Reading →

Puss in boots

Waiting to greet Master when he came home yesterday was not puss in boots, but Asian slut in boots. Now, for your enjoyment ladies and gentlemen, I present, 'The Cage'! My pink dress and boots pleased him so much that instead of being able to get changed once he'd had his fill of me, I... Continue Reading →

The lot

"Did you like my dirty talk?"Master always surprises me with interesting questions and this is just one example. Now, the question itself is not so out-of-the-ordinary, it's more the fact that he likes feedback that I find startling.To me feedback is uber-important (and yes, uber is my favourite word this week!). I like to know... Continue Reading →

Thinking blog awards

Ta dah...drum-roll please!In accepting this thinking blog award courtesy of clare over at positive submission, I'd like to thank my family, my friends, dogs who don't eat chocolate and of course, Master, who causes my brain to smoke and sparks to fly from overuse.5 Blogs that Make Me Think1. kittens_master  (for giving me views from... Continue Reading →

Domme for a day

In some circles (the old guard is one of them, I believe) there is a tradition that before a person can become a dominant they must spend time as a submissive. It's intended to let them walk a mile in the other's shoes before wielding a whip or playing with knives.I've only been a submissive and... Continue Reading →

Down the garden path

All the world's a stage...but are wemerely players?Over the past eight months I've become much more a 'player' than an 'am-er'. I feel a lot more strongly that bdsm is just something I do, once in a while, in the intermissions of my life.I think I'm de-evolving. I'm realising my limits and thinking about myself... Continue Reading →

Price check aisle nine!

I've decided that if I get reincarnated as a subby again I'm going to run a wanted ad like this:WANTEDThoroughly de-crapped dom for slave not really into domestic service.Must have an expansive bondage collection and believe that early mornings are for coming home drunk- not waking up.Apply with full resume indicating period of time since last butt-plugging... Continue Reading →


"You've had your grand macho latte, now go down there and earn your keep!"Master to me after we'd just gone out for coffee and he wanted some relaxation."Regretful."In reply to Master's question, "What are you?" with cane raised over my ass."I really think you've got masochistic tendancies and you hit your toe with that piece of... Continue Reading →

Slave for a day day

Mask, gag, hogtie, boots and Mater's new bedhead (complete with metal bars). They were the ingredients for the main dish of the day. Towel on the floor for the drool. Have I mentioned how much I hate drool? After some caning and crying and snotty nose, I realised that in the mask, with the gag,... Continue Reading →

Different strokes for different folks

Easter Sunday, while the rest of the world was celebrating the rebirth of Jesus, I was being reborn as a slave."Back to basics" is what Master called it. "Boot camp" is my term for it. Interestingly enough an episode of boot camp signalled the end of my previous D/s relationship, so I'm hoping that my current... Continue Reading →

Never enough of a good thing

A funny thing happened last night. I'd gotten dressed ready to greet Master as I have to when I'm home before he is, and I was getting into that nice little head space of, "Mmm..I'm going to be used and abused." (I'd just like to point out here and it takes me a while to... Continue Reading →

Master and his special ways

Following in the footsteps of Master's most recent post kitten and her special ways I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and add my thoughts about life with a man who has a host of peculiar ways of doing things i.e he's excruciatingly anal.Number one: Everything in the house that contains water has to be... Continue Reading →


I'm always trying to figure out just what pushes my buttons, gets the juices flowing and turns me into a blithering mass moaning, "Fuck me, pound me, beat me Master." Anyone who graces my blog would know that bondage is my 'thing'. Bondage was first and foremost in my fantasies and dreams and is something guaranteed... Continue Reading →

Behind the wall

Master and I spent our Sunday in a monastic town. There is something about all those high walls and dark, musty-smelling buildings that appeals so much to me.There is a very old Hayley Mills movie called, 'The Trouble with Angels" that I saw...umm...about 20 years ago.  Hayley plays a girl at a boarding school run by nuns. One... Continue Reading →

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