What starts it all?

This very pertinent question, asked in a comment on one of my recent blogs about my need for bondage, is something that I've thought long and hard over. Unfortunately, I don't think I've got an answer...yet....but it's still a great blog topic...lol...so here goes.The fascination for me about ropes, chains, cages and all the other delightful accoutrements of bondage... Continue Reading →



1. Thank you emails from mystery shoppers are bizarro- I received one in my alt. com inbox not long ago and it totally freaked me out. Now, if it was a 'nilla thing and we'd gone out for coffee or something, I'd think he was a gentleman and be flattered. As it was, this was a guy who spanked... Continue Reading →

Leaerning experiences

Halfway through my second stint of prac teaching, I've realised that I'm putting one of my favourite bdsm techniques into play to get me through - the "it's not going to kill me" technique. I'm just focusing on the end, gritting my teeth and bearing it. The way I'm feeling at the moment, I don't... Continue Reading →

Before I get in trouble…

...I'd better write down here what I traded for 150 strokes. Master had an amazing run on our car spotting game on the weekend and he was racking up point after point and we were still no-where near home. He then decided to play the 'What will you trade me for the 150 strokes?' game. So... Continue Reading →

My recipe for slavery

I had a vivid dream the other night. I dreamt that Master was cutting off my hair with these tiny little orange-handled scissors. He was cutting indiscriminately, snipping here and there, leaving me with hair that looked like a mop. I woke up some hours later and thought, "Oh fuck! How am I going to... Continue Reading →

On the other side

It's been a tense couple of days and we came through the fire very roasted but alive.After my exam last yesterday afternoon, I caught the bus home and opened my email only to find this:KGiven your comments in your email about not wanting to be a slave anymoreI have made an appointment at 11am tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Let me first just start by saying that I don't appreciate the 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen' type of comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that's fine. I'm just saying how I feel about them. The big reason I'm not liking them is because I am having... Continue Reading →


I make a lot of mistakes.  Sometimes it feels like this blog is just a collection of my fuck-ups, both big and small. Mistake 1: I told Master I couldn't do something without even trying.  (This in the slave girl world, is akin to saying "No", that word of all words that is guaranteed to... Continue Reading →


Master has been talking a lot about what other modifications he wants to make to me. At the moment, nipple piercing and a tattoo of his monogram on my left ass cheek are high priorities on his list. He keeps asking me,  "What's going to happen to these nipples? What's going on your ass?" These two... Continue Reading →

Mystery Shopper Number 2

Last Thursday night, I had a visitor. A softly spoken man in leather shoes and a tie who came to inspect me. Through the breathing hole in my hood I could his shoes and later on in the photos that Master showed me, I saw the tie and the hands that hadn't felt as large as... Continue Reading →


"The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things..." Lewis CarrollSo, here I am. All five feet five and *cough, cough* pounds of me...you're not really expecting me to tell you how much I weigh are you???? Lol.I just finished my last soul-draining assignment of the semester and I'm so elated that I actually... Continue Reading →

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