Mystery Shopper Number 2

Last Thursday night, I had a visitor. A softly spoken man in leather shoes and a tie who came to inspect me. Through the breathing hole in my hood I could his shoes and later on in the photos that Master showed me, I saw the tie and the hands that hadn’t felt as large as they looked.

Dressed in my leather teddy and boots, Master trussed me up in an assortment of spreader bars before putting on the hood. I wasn’t to speak, I couldn’t see, I was just a piece of cunt to be inspected.

After an intial feeling of panic that I generally get when a hood goes on and I feel briefly like I’m being smothered, I knelt and waited, strangely calm. I could have gotten nervous or worried, but there was no point. I couldn’t stop what was going to happen and it was entirely out of my control anyway.

Then there was a knock on the door and our mystery shopper had entered the building. 

“Well, this is kitten. She’s in spreader bars at the moment, but we can easily take her out of those. She’s been kneeling there for about half an hour now, So you can go ahead and do what you want. Would you like to use her?”

Obviously Master was dispensing with the pleasantries and cutting straight to the chase. I was expecting a bit of light chat or a sitting down with coffee or something before any ‘use’ ensued but apparently no.(I’m working on Master enjoying the ambiance of the moment, but we’ve still got a bit of work to do.)

Spanking and fondling was first on the menu. He was kneading my ass and commented on the ‘aroma’ that a good spanking produces as he worked over my cheeks with even strokes. I was then unlocked from the spreader bars, stood up, stripped and put over his knee. More spanking and an inspection of my deeper recesses followed. As he fingered and rolled my clit, little moans passed my lips I couldn’t stop the little leg twitches. A part of me was wondering whether I should be enjoying this or not and the other part of me was telling that part to shut the fuck up. All the while Master was his snap-happy self. I was then put into the cage while they went off to the computer to look at the pics.

After a CD of the pics was burned as a momento of his visit and pressed into the hands of our mystery shopper, I was taken out of the cage to properly thank him for using me.

I’m still quite amazed by how ‘normal’ it felt. I said to Master that it was really no different to him telling me to go and kneel on the end of his bed. My brain is now processing “Make me coffee” and “Spread your cunt for this stranger” in exactly the same way. They are both things that I am required to do as a slave.

As a slave, it’s what I do. As a slave, I can enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Shopper Number 2

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  1. the pictures are lovely- they sent shivers through me thinking of being used like that.. you are ( i was going to say brave, but i have been corrected about that before by my Master) truly very obedient, and thats a good thing. hugs, Hisflower

  2. Wow. What a thing to experience! My Master doesn’t share with boys (sometimes i wished He did). Oddly enough i think the hood is probably the think i am most afraid of. i can’t stand the thought of not being able to breathe! You are a very good slave to struggle through that feeling for your Master. i am sure He is proud!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. i am enjoying your blog.


  3. wow. I can only echo the things already said. You Thursday has been a fantasy of mine for quite some time. Sir, of course, lets me have women, but never another man….yet. It is truely His choice. I am what I am. Thank you so much for sharing!

    ~His cunt

  4. i love hoods – have only worn one about 4 times, but it gets me wet and drops me into subspace immediately … i can only imagine being presented to another Master when hooded and spread … i wish mine would share me like that, and i am enjoying living vicariously through your blog in the meantime!

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