Master has been talking a lot about what other modifications he wants to make to me. At the moment, nipple piercing and a tattoo of his monogram on my left ass cheek are high priorities on his list. 

He keeps asking me,  “What’s going to happen to these nipples? What’s going on your ass?” These two questions are easy enough to answer and I’ve answered them at least once a day for the past few weeks, or it could even be a couple of months now. The questions that follow these two questions are the slightly more sticky ones.

“Do you want me to pierce your nipples? Do you want to wear my monogram?”

Now, if they ain’t two loaded questions, then my ass loves butt plugs. How are you supposed to answer something like that?!?  My answer of choice, of course, would be “Hell, no!!!!” But apparently that answer isn’t supposed to come out of ‘good slavegirl’s’ mouths. So the way I get around it is generally to say , “Yes and no.” And if I’m really fearing for my ass, I’ll say, “Yes and no, Master.”

Tattoo pain doesn’t bother me. My tattoo on the right cheek was a tingly, buzzy kind of thing. After it was done I casually mentioned to Master that for his next slave he should alter the order of things…get the tattoo…THEN get the piercings.Give your next slavegirl a chance to work up to these things!

 I know it sounds petty, but what bothers me most about it is the design. This is something that I have to wear forever and ever and monograms or initials just ain’t cool. It’s like getting “Mum” tattooed on your bicep-you’ve either gotta to be (a) so drunk you don’t know what you’re doing, (b) in a back alley of bangkok or (c) a fashion victim. 

I understand that he wants to mark me as his property and I know he has a compulsion for putting his name on everything that he owns…*points to the Dymo label makers both manual and electronic in his possession and the array of felt-tip markers for writing on book spines…but a part of me thinks that it is too early for something as defining and indelible as initials.

Piercing pain, however, does bother me. Aftercare bothers me even more. I’d rather get a tooth or even several teeth pulled than go through piercing shit again. I had nine teeth pulled as a teenager, big, mother fucking teeth with roots that were an inch and a half long so I know what I’m talking about here. Seriously. I’m being deathly serious here. A few months after I got my labia piercings done I was having problems and I thought that they might have to be taken out and I was thinking ‘Fuck I’ve come this far, I ain’t losing them now.’ Now I’m at the point where I’m just so, so over them and would take them out in a flash if I could because I know it would stop the pain. 

But, like anything, I guess it’s not really up to me and at the end of the day, he’s going to do whatever he wants, just because he can.


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  1. too early to be marked, why waste whatever time we have in not enjoying the view of your arse properly marked as mine.

    A tradition of marking your arse with your Master’s initials would be a tradition l am happy to start and be the originator of the custom would like to see how many initials finally find their way onto you like a set of house deeds stamped each time each new owner takes possession of you.

    your skin is mine as you are mine and time has nothing to do with what l want


  2. Piercings

    Hey there kitten,
    I have several piercings and plan at some point to get more. I personally love the rush that the body gives after getting one done. Each place in the body seems to give up different degrees of adrenaline of course. My left nostril, for example gave off hardly anything. I was just on cloud nine because I had it done and I have this huge fear of needles. My nipples I had done second, both at once. Which is recommended as your body just deals with everything better. I started at a 14 gauge barbell and have worked my way up to a 10. Did it hurt? Oh my G-d yes. Was the thrill and rush worth it, very much so. I think one of your problems perhaps with the labia piercings, a piercing I must admit that is on my list, is that that region gets tugged and pulled on by clothes or Masters so much that it makes it a bit harder to heal quickly. My nipples could not be touched for about two weeks, before they were even slightly healed. I do think they make lovely adornments to the body though. As for tattoo’s, trust me, it all depends on where you get them done, and how long they take. Equally worth it though I think. I am thrilled to see you posting again, I look forward to it.
    take care,

  3. subkitten,
    You have successfully scared the crap out of me with your labia piercings. i am SO thankful my Owner has not made the decision to implant those (and is choosing a different path which will be my next post, please come see it!)

    However, i have to say, i do have my nipples pierced. Given that i do have a high threshold for pain, i will admit that it’s uncomfortable- but not stabbing pain, more like pressure. Keeping in mind that i also have 12 gauge rings (normal is 14 gauge) so the girth is bigger to withstand more weight and beating the shit out of them without tearing.

    It only took about 6 weeks of complete misery and 4-5 more for healing with the larger gauge. That’s not so bad when you consider the utility, entertainment value, and how pretty they are.

    I would do it again. I would not, however, pierce my tongue again. Hell effing no. That was freaking torture.

    i’ve had that for 11 years though.

    i think i will have enough documentation from you to put up a fuss if labia rings are suggested. i think i’d propose to shave my hair, instead. *s*

    Your post is lovely in your level of submission and as usual, your Owner’s response is delightful.


  4. Just a quick bit of info…
    Nipple piercings take a LONG time to heal. Some people get lucky and they begin to fell “okay” a week or so in. But even if they feel fine they aren’t healed for at least six months, usually closer to a year or better.
    Labia piercings, on the other hand, usually heal really quickly.

    My point is…
    If the labia piercings took a long while to heal the nipples will likely be worse.
    I know it’s not up to us to decide what our owners will do to us but you may want to make sure he’s informed on the healing aspect.
    You can do major damage playing with unhealed nipple piercings. Lack of sensation is very common. And that totally, totally sucks.

    Keeping good thoughts out there for you over both the piercing and the tattoo design.



  5. Oh, don’t you worry! I’ve pleaded my “My labia have been bad enough, what do you think is going to go on with my nipples?” case oh so many times ever since he got the idea of piercing my nipples into his head.
    I’ve directed him to sites that go into great detail about healing times etc…all to no avail.

    As he said after he read your comment, “It’s going to be done.”

    At last count, it’s been 11 months since my labia rings were done. They are much, much better than they were several months ago, but I still have pain walking, sitting, moving in any way shape or form. The pain ranges from “Oh, my god I think I’m going to die!” to “Fuck that hurt!”

    I’ll keep trying, but I think he wants what he wants.


  6. Thanks for the comment toy.

    He said he’d get my tongue done too if it didn’t intefere with my speech and pronunciation…but he’s still thinking about it….Maybe I’ll propose (again) to shave my head (^v^)


  7. Re: Piercings

    I wish I god ‘rushes’ from stuff that hurts….I just get throbbing and ouchy stuff that makes me feel like curling up in bed and never emerging again.

    11 months and counting on the labia rings atm. I don’t cope with them being touched very well now. Somedays it hurts to wipe after peeing…lol. Most things I’ve seen say about 4-6 months for labia. By all accounts I think that I’ve established that I don’t heal well. My piercings were done with gauge 12 needles and then 10 gauge rings went in. I’m not sure what hurt worse, the initial piercing or the stretching of the wound as the rings were forced in.

    Thanks for the comment.


  8. Re: Piercings

    waxing around them can’t possibly be helping unfortunately 😦 some words of advice: make sure you aren’t washing with soap down there. no chemicals of any sort – just salt water (1/4 tsp per cup of lukewarm water) soaks. don’t rotate the rings constantly – try and let them scab up and don’t pick the scabs off either. don’t wear tight pants, don’t wear stockings constantly especially in hot weather, and g-strings can be a real pain with healing outer labia! here’s hoping they heal soon – 1 year really is too long 😦 even for 6 done at once.

  9. does he understand the dangers of his mouth and saliva going into unhealed labia and nipple (and any) piercings? infection is not sexy, green pus is very un-slave-like …

  10. Re: Piercings

    I soak everyday in salt baths at least once a day. I keep them clean (no washing with chemicals down there though), and I don’t keep touching them/annoying them. There’s no infection, they look very normal except for the extra skin growths around the entry and exit holes which are actually what is causing me the pain. I don’t wear anything tight (generally no stockings, no g-strings) and try to go without underwear whenever I can. I had them waxed three times in about 10 months and other than that I shave, avoiding the piercings as much as possible.

    They are not weeping, the entry and exit sites healed up long ago, so there are no scabs forming (only the crusty stuff that collects on there in the course of the day that I soak off as soon as I can.)

    I’ve tried tea tree oil, betadine, cortisone cream, aloe vera etc. Anything anyone has said to me, I’ve tried. I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter and went back to the piercer a few months after they had been done and was told they were fine and just needed time.

    They are just very, very tender. Moving the rings through the holes is generally okay, but if you move them up and down they’re exceptionally ouchie. I really don’t know what the go is. What do you think?

  11. Re: Piercings

    extra skin growths are causing the pain? that sounds interesting – do you mean red translucent scar tissue? are they migrating out? migrating piercings can be 100% healed (like my nipple piercing was when it migrated out), like your’s look to be, but still start moving – and that could cause pain.

    i hate to say this, too, but, a lot of rough sex doesn’t help them heal. *speaking from experience*grins*. by now it sounds like this probably isn’t affecting them, but, they could be bruised a bit internally? that’s a bit of a long shot really.

    when you say “move them up and down”, do you mean that you push them against your labia? ie not moving the rings, just pressing them against flesh vertically? that sounds like the flesh is tender and sore. regardless of whether the piercing has healed, that could be caused by anything which would make your labia tender and sore – friction, impact, chemicals, other people’s bodily fluids, infection. the first two sound most likely.

    if you’re already soaking once a day still, 11 months in, i’d definitely recommend stopping that. not that this is going to fix everything – just that the extra moisture may be slightly irritating.

    and of course the usual questions – are you using iodised table salt, or plain sea salt? try the latter. are you using stainless steel, or titanium? try the latter.

    and of course in spite of what i said earlier, 6 done at once do take quite a while. i had 6 done at once, and one had to come out quite early – i don’t recall why exactly, but it reallllly wasn’t healing. another bled constantly for hours at a time and never really healed – even though it looked the best out of them all (didn’t migrate much), it was always tender like you’ve described. i now have 4 left in, and like i’ve said previously, i never feel them. unfortunately i can’t remember exactly how long it took for them to finally relax 😦

    keep us updated, i’d love to hear how it goes – and some good news in the coming months about healed happy piercings!

  12. Re: Piercings

    Lol..sorry about this ‘Dear Doctor’ thing that we’ve got going here…I’m just reallllly eager to know what to do.

    The skin growths just look like skin, not translucent, not anything. I’m not sure if they’re scar tissue or what they are. Occasionally the side of one of the growths will become red, like it’s been rubbed or something but usually they just look the same as the rest of the skin down there. It’s not on all of them, and usually it’s only on one side, but the particularly ouchie one has growths on both entry and exit points. I had one growth on one ring that completely disappeared, the others have been hanging around for months.

    When I say ‘move up and down’ it means moving them in any direction other than just turning them through the holes. Pushing them flat again against the skin when you’re looking between the rings is particularly painful and to touch the skin on top of where the ring is passing through underneath is a big ouch factor.

    I had thought about the migration issue, but there hasn’t been a millimetre of movement at all. And as far as ‘impact’ goes, it’s a no touch zone let alone anything else…lol. No bodily fluids, no nothing.

    Let’s hope we can hear about happy, healed piercings soon. I’m thinking about overcoming my shame and going to the doctor. As you say, it’s just not right.

    Thanks again for the input!


  13. Re: Piercings

    keeping in mind of course a doctor will be 99% likely to say that you should take them out and they will never heal. unless they’re a very open-minded doctor!!

    goooood luck πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. 11 months of pain is definitely not normal. I would definitely get second and third opinions from other piercers!

    The lumps sound like hypertrophic scarring Classic causes for this are inappropriate jewelry size, shape, material or placement. As you can see some people swear by chamomile and this is very mild so it can’t hurt to try. Tea tree oil peeled my skin off down there!

    I disagree with the person who said to stop soaking. KEEP SOAKING. If you’re in pain, the piercings clearly aren’t healed, and proper sea salt soaks are therapeutic, not irritating. Extra moisture can chafe, yes, and a quick gentle session with the blow dryer helps a lot.

    Another up and comer is emu oil and here is one article on that I did have good results using emu oil on a hypertrophic scar on my triangle piercing, but my jewelry was changed out for something that fitted better and moved less at around the same time so I can’t give the oil definite credit. One thing it does do is work like a miracle on the piercing itchies I always get!

    Subtle’s Master: this isn’t normal, it is a sign of irritation or damage and really needs to be dealt with. It may even be that she is just not built to carry off outer labia piercings — hence the irritation from constant pressure and movement. More likely, though, the jewelry is too large or too small, or a material that’s irritating her, and changing it out for a more appropriate size or material will go a long way to clearing this up.

    Krista (little_linnet at the Slave Register)

  15. Hi Krista

    Thanks for the great advice. I had been looking at info about keloid and hypertrophic scarring a while back and your comment made me look into it some more (thanks for the links!)

    I’m not quite sure which type they are. The lumps are definitely much larger than the original scarring and seem to be growing, so I tend to think that they may be of the keloid variety.

    Funnily enough in my surfing I came across a comment from someone who had issues with their ears and said they had lumps which were keloids that had grown inside. Sure enough, I do too. This kind of makes me think that I had a skin type that is going to form heavy scarring no matter where or what I get pierced.

    I’ll try the chamomile and emu oil stops itchies you say?? God, I’ve been known to surreptitiously put a hand down there and scratch when it just gets too bad…lol. I’m wanting to get my jewellery changed to barbells to minimize the twisting etc down there. I’d like to get a material other than stainless steel to see if it helps too.


  16. My understanding is that keloids aren’t painful … you may be diagnosed as having “keloids,” though, even if what you have is hypertrophic scarring, because for some reason even some really good piercers don’t know the difference! So, of course, a lot of laypeople who have hypertrophic scarring are going to describe it as “keloiding” too.

    I really hope for you that they’re not keloids, because keloids tend to grow out of control and they can get absolutely huge, and often don’t respond well to surgery to remove them, from what I understand. They can be permanently disfiguring.

    The hypertrophic scar I had on my triangle piercing was the same color as the rest of my skin (not a red bubble like the pic in the BME wiki). It was very very tender, and when it finally burst (leaking nasty brown goo, sorry TMI), I realized the “bubble” part of it had been inside the fistula where I couldn’t see it. That completely explained why moving the jewelry was so painful for me! It did definitely grow, too and before it was completely resolved it burst and returned several times (thankfully not as painfully as the first time).

    I absolutely lurve my emu oil. My piercer recommended tea tree oil in it but after the skin-peeling incident I’m staying away from tea tree, so I used lavender oil instead — one drop in a 15ml bottle of emu oil really soothes the itching and it doesn’t burn if it gets “in there” like tea tree did. (But plain emu oil works well too.) I found I got the best results from making sure the oil went inside the piercings a little and also applying it to my labia all around the piercings.

    Depending on the quality of your jewelry you may not even need to change to another material, it could be that you just need better quality steel with a better finish.

    I hope you can get this cleared up fast! My labia were done 3 weeks ago and were misery for almost a full week, and I can’t imagine 11 months of that. Ugh, you poor thing.


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