Just in case words were not enough

Steeling myself for what was to come…

The needle goes in…

Then comes out the other side…

It’s times like this that you want a plank of wood to chomp down on.

Just times this face x 6 for the holes made by 12 gauge needles and x 6 for the stretching of the holes done with 10 gauge rings and then you’ll end up with my pussy. (The clithood I also had done was not actually too bad compared to these suckers.)

I think the trauma has scared me for life…lol.

P.S This was posted as a community announcement for any subbies with domly ones who are pondering piercing because it ‘looks good’ to link to. You just might want to warn them that it’s not a good face….lol.

P.PS Of course some people have had piercings and it was a walk in the park, “Oh, did you just spear my labia? I didn’t even notice.” Some people heal very quickly and love their rings. I’m SOOOOOOO completely jealous of these people, but it’s something I can’t change. Ultimately, I think you have to prepare yourself for the worst and just go with whatever happens- if you’re lucky, great. If you’re not, suck it up.


11 thoughts on “Just in case words were not enough

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  1. no mention of the chocolate factor treat afterwards;

    no mention of how lovely they look;

    no mention of how happy l am that your cunt is now adorned with slave rings;

    okay it was painful;

    okay they remain painful;

    but your a slave, your my property and its about me not you isn’t it, when you were free it was about you and look how unhappy that made you;

    have another piece of chocolate and a coffee and learn to chill.

    but l do agree with kitten warning these labia piercings are more complex than what they say in the piercing hand outs as to pain whilst doing them and healing times especially if you have thick labia skin like kitten which required a fresh sharp needles for each ring as it blunted the needle point.

    If your going to get them done you really must want a nice looking labia lips as they are highly decorative and kitten gets compliments on them from who ever sees them. But be aware the of the pain potential and the prolonged healing times

    Would l do it again, yes l would but its not piercing me, its piercing my slave.


  2. Heheheh….I’m glad you thought the expressions were great.It has taken me 11 months to post them because they are so unfortunate…lol.

    The funny this is that they look completely normal and quite nice.


  3. a walk in the park

    I had my genitals pierced before my nipples were done. As painful as the genital piercings were, they were a walk in the park compared to the nipples. You can look forward to an excruciating pain that will sear your soul. And the healing period is far longer and more painful for the nipples as well and, of course, can be made more so if your Owner insists upon cleaning and turning them himself. They will provide your Owner with countless ways to add to your torment. Yet, is that not precisely what a good slave is prepared to render to her Owner?

  4. Re: a walk in the park

    Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a good slave and I’m not prepared to render anything that is ‘excruciating’ for my owner…but thanks for the comment.


  5. i probably shouldn’t be so bold… but, i can’t help it. *sigh* (i’m sorry if it irritates you. Please feel free to shut me up if you want)

    With regards to your so-called “i’m not a good slave” comment, i have read countless positive & energetic responses from your Master indicating His level of appreciation and endearance for you… in my eyes, that is being a good slave. Isn’t it? His opinion counts most.

    i’m sorry- i had to say it. You ARE a good slave (in my eyes too). i admire you.

    i just wish your piercings healed better. Did you try the Bactine or the Tea Tree Oil yet?

  6. Re: a walk in the park

    Well I guess i’ll be someone you hate. I’ve had my Nipples done but they did not heal right and had to be removed. also I have a Prince Albert it was just a quick pinch and that was all. Then there was the Amplang wow was that intense people on the other side of the store said they felt the wave of energy pass through them. I was holding My Dommes hand and she felt it to. It didn’t really hurt and if it did once the wave passed the Endorphins kicked in so I was in heaven.

    I’m not sure about DLs toys ujections about Bactine down there but the tea Tree sugestion has merit.

    Good luck


  7. had both nipples pierced in October ’06…6 months later they were still not even close to healed…of course 2 small children clambering on me all the time don’t help, especially with the large rings that were in.

    But i have good news. VERY good news πŸ™‚

    Discovered a piercing material called Bio Plast (BioPlast) and OH MY GOSHY. Have had the bio plast rings in for a bit over a month and the holes are so close to being healed i can hardly believe it πŸ™‚ Now for play the 1″ metal rings will go back in but day to day the bio plast is amazing. To have them finally healed is amazing! got mine on ebay, tho i’m sure there’s sites that sell it off ebay. Bio plast is used for surgical implants too, and its flexible (which is kinda fun in its own right ^.^ hehe)

    Also, a health food type store should carry ‘grape seed oil’ its a food grade oil that is fantastic for the body… it has antiseptic properties as well which makes it great for piercings. Oddly enough, the piercer told me that one of the reasons the nips were taking so long to heal is that they were very dry. lol not that your cunt is dry… *tease* but its worth a try. i know some days the nips just ~ached~ and after a good lathering with grapeseed oil they felt fantastic. not to mention their owner is fond of oily nipples *grin*

    Hopefully this will help a bit, i know how miserable piercings gone bad can be. Best wishes πŸ™‚

  8. Re: a walk in the park

    Yep, I’ve done the tea tree oil in various dilutions from 100% to 10% and it did nothing for me. After trying a few dilutions and seeing/feeling nothing, I decided to try it undiluted because that’s actually what it says to do on the bottle. I had a reaction that was akin to being badly burned and all the skin peeled off and I was sore for days afterwards.

    I’ve tried the Australian equivalent of bactine too.

    I can’t imagine what a Prince Albert or an amplang would feel like…kudos to you!.


  9. I said this in my comment on your last post but emu oil is gaining a lot of cred in the piercing community for aftercare purposes. It’s transdermal (does not seal air off from the skin like most other oils and crosses the dermis well) and it appears fairly conclusive that it aids in healing without scarring.

    The reason you had fresh piercing needles wasn’t because you have tough skin, it was because your piercer was competent! Needles should never ever be reused.


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