My recipe for slavery

I had a vivid dream the other night. I dreamt that Master was cutting off my hair with these tiny little orange-handled scissors. He was cutting indiscriminately, snipping here and there, leaving me with hair that looked like a mop. I woke up some hours later and thought, “Oh fuck! How am I going to survive with shit hair?”

Apparently this dream was a symbol of my feelings of losing power and control. The Samson and Delilah reference had completely escaped me and when Master offered that interpretation, my first thought was, “Ha!”  But like so many things, a quick internet search revealed him to be right again.

As a result of our recent hiccough and resultant redefining of our relationship, the importance of being true to who I am and being a slave as Master wants has come to the fore. Try as I might, I’m me and no more. I can’t continue to break myself trying to be something or someone I’m not, so this is my recipe for slavery for me. “For me” being the two operative words here.

Ingredients- makes one happy slave.

250 chains of bondage

A bottom-less well of attention

Enough thought and care for Master for him to be happy (this keeps the mixture together)

One well-loved collar

Lavishings of chocolate and ice-cream

Copious amounts of trust, love and laughter

As much trying to be obedience as possible (this is sometimes difficult to obtain and can instead be replaced with eye-batting)

Foot-stamping, tantrum-throwing and petulant spoiled brat behaviour, as required

The ‘ask nicely’ tool, if things get a bit too sticky


Mix all ingredients well in a caring environment. Slave needs to be beaten, but does not respond well to over-beating, so keep this in mind (ignore what other recipes say.) Mixture may be lumpy and squishy if too much chocolate and ice-cream is added. Increase the amount of thought and care for Master as required to keep the mixture at a firm consistency. Bake in a moderate oven (moderation is the key!) for as long as necessary (remember: use the ‘ask nicely’ tool whenever necessary.)
If over-heated, allow slave to cool before coaxing out of the pan. Individual results may varying depending on outside temperature, hormones present and mood swings.


2 thoughts on “My recipe for slavery

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  1. Glad.

    As kaya commented a few posts ago on your blog, you present a real no bullshit account of your life. It’s easy for us as readers to see the genuine issues, struggles, personalities, and to honestly want you and your Master’s wellbeing and happiness. I’m glad that you’ve come through this together. Relationships are so hard, and it does genuinly sound that you two work well together (if the recipe can keep being cooked right, but with his cooking skills, that could definitely be the case!) I also agree with kaya’s comments about the rings. I can see how it would be seen as a failure, but we honestly can’t control our bodies reactions. I hope for healing for them, but if not, get em out, they’re just a physical sign, the relationship is deeper. It has to be deeper than mere metal rings.



  2. Re: Glad.

    He is a mean damn cook- risottos and baked dinners to perfection. I’m one lucky slave!

    So this is one last ditch effort before ripping them out. Fingers crossed, but only time will tell.


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