Before I get in trouble…

…I’d better write down here what I traded for 150 strokes. Master had an amazing run on our car spotting game on the weekend and he was racking up point after point and we were still no-where near home. He then decided to play the ‘What will you trade me for the 150 strokes?’ game. So this is what he finally found acceptable and what I have to do over the next week in addition to my normal duties:

3 relaxation sessions

3 back massages

5 nights of boot wearing

1 hour of Japanese conversation

I was supposed to write it down and tick them off as I do them- I only remembered when Master asked me this morning on the way to school if I had done it.


Don’t you just hate that sinking moment when you suddenly remember something that you were supposed to have done and haven’t.

And then comes the mumbled excuse.

‘I was going to do it, but I haven’t done it yet…but I will!’

Fortunately, my slave recipe only requires obedience or eye-lid batting.


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