Is my slut, your slut?

The light burned into her eyes blinding her, encouraging a retreat behind closed lids. He had both arms pinned beneath and held her head exactly where he wanted. When she risked a glance, he was staring down at her, eyes boring into the back of her head. And his voice questioned and probed, repeating the... Continue Reading →


Home sweet home

It was the trip home that never seemed to end. It went on and on and on and on. And just when you thought that it was over and you could go home, it still kept going on and on and on and on. It went on so much it started to get comical. Flight delays, luggage... Continue Reading →

Small town bdsm

My home town has a population of about 22,000 people. Small, but still a reasonably large dot on the map by Australian standards. Most of my family has been here for 5+ generations and it's hard to go downtown without running into at least one person you know.That's not normally a problem unless you've got... Continue Reading →

Retail therapy

I bought a couple of things for Master today. After discarding the decidedly non-erotic options of a creme brulee sugar burner (for the gourmet chef who has everything) and a vacuum-pack storage bag (for the man who has too much of everything), I decided to buy something that he would really like, a pair of... Continue Reading →

Time heals all wounds

There's yet another slave marking in the wind. Master is going to tattoo "Property of XXX" on my left ass cheek. His full name will be emblazoned on my butt. No doubt, no romance. A dispassionate marking of an animal that I won't even get to see until it is done.When he first told me... Continue Reading →

Thought police

'You need to understand you're owned and a slave now. You don't have options, choices or the ability to free yourself. You are what you wanted to be and that means that your behaviour and thoughts must reflect your chosen life. I own you. I decide, not you.'Master sent this doosey of a text message... Continue Reading →


I seriously think that turning 30 was the worst thing I ever did.Not of course that I had any control over it, but if I could have, I would have stayed at 29. I just feel like I've turned into a decrepit old woman over night. Not only have my normally light and relatively pain-free... Continue Reading →

I wrote an entry before about me and my porn viewing habits, but I decided to pull it. Even though this blog is mine and fortunately Master allows me to write whatever I want, when I want, it doesn't mean that I can write things that hurt, intentionally and unintentionally. So after I wrote that entry I... Continue Reading →

Kink radar

A slave is a state of mind. This delightful phrase jumped out at me as I was doing my pre-sleep reading the other night. 'Oh my god', I thought as I read it, 'the guy writing this book has to be one of those who have 'stumbled across the secret garden.' (as my newly-outed subbie friend likes... Continue Reading →


Well, there are 5 releases and 0 macca's meals on the score board at the end of week two. I had a bit of an urge for grease and thought about walking up to the local Mikey Dees for a feast tonight, but I was good and resisted. While the release tally is slowly climbing,... Continue Reading →

H is for head harness

Funny that I should choose to write about this topic when I can't open my mouth wider than a centimetre and talking is a chore. Actually it feels like the day after a particularly long gag session when your jaw is stiff and you can't quite smile properly. Hopefully it's just my wisdom tooth moving... Continue Reading →

Nitty gritty

Slave though I may be, and property of my domly one I am, Master and I are two completely different individuals. Although we share a few likes and dislikes, fundamentally we are two people with different upbringings, different ideas and different ways of doing things. Different doesn't really seem to be problem if you only see... Continue Reading →

A sticky relationship

Pain and I are not the best of friends-we fight and yell when we're together and scream and shout when we're not. It's a difficult relationship that is always shifting and moving with the tide and I'm not quite sure how we can make peace.I remember the first time I was ever 'beaten'. It was... Continue Reading →

Service vs Security

Even if you haven't picked up anything else from this blog, the one thing that you will have picked up is that I'm not a very 'service-orientated' slave.I've read and marvelled about subbies who enjoy cleaning the house, cooking, cleaning, washing and doing all the domestic duties for their domly ones.They thrive while making coffee... Continue Reading →

Release frenzy and Maccas fest

When Master announced that during my time away I'd be able to masturbate and eat Maccas to my heart's content, I busily started planning a daily diet: Holiday DietPre-breakfast releaseMaccas pancakes and hash brownsPost-breakfast releaseMid-morning releasePre-lunch releaseMaccas deli choice roll and berry crunch yoghurtPost-lunch releaseMid-afternoon releasePre-dinner releaseLarge McChicken meal and a caramel sundaePost-dinner releaseGetting ready to... Continue Reading →

The unattainable

Well, after 30 minutes I finally managed to get the blood flow back into my fingers enough that I can type! Yay! Have I mentioned that cold weather and bad circulation don't mix??I just got off the phone from Master. I read his latest blog in which he'd mentioned that I hadn't 'come through' with... Continue Reading →

WWF crackdown!

Master has been talking recently of how things will be different when I go back home. He's promising immediate education if obedience is not instantaneous and getting back to the 'basics of slavery'- rules, rituals and routines.  Like the seasons, I think there is a rhythmical ebb and flow to D/s relationships. Periods of 'virtual... Continue Reading →

For love’s sake

Ladden down with krispy kremes I stepped off the plane into the cold of ‘gorilla’s in the mist’ territory (so named by Master after hearing tales of my hometown with its mountainous location and mornings with fog so thick you can’t see the end of your nose ) I always get a bit teary and... Continue Reading →

Face-slapping and ass-licking

As of today, I'm on holidays!!! Yay! The first semester of school has finished, my second session of prac teaching is over and for the next glorious month, I will be a 'free' woman......well, it would be glorious if I was going to be with Master, but I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow and going about as... Continue Reading →

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