Face-slapping and ass-licking

As of today, I’m on holidays!!! Yay! The first semester of school has finished, my second session of prac teaching is over and for the next glorious month, I will be a ‘free’ woman…

…well, it would be glorious if I was going to be with Master, but I’m hopping on a plane tomorrow and going about as far away from him that I can while still remaining on the same continent. That’s unfortunately how it’s got to be when your family lives over 3,500kms away. 

But before I disappear for a while to my hole-of-a-hometown-in-the-mountains-where-it-is-fucking-freezing, I thought I’d share another interesting moment in the life of kitten and Master. 

Chained to the bed in yet another moment of ravishing passion, Master’s hand made contact with a part of me that I thought would never feel the force of his hand- my northern cheeks, you know, the ones on either side of my nose. Now, my southern cheeks have had quite a few rendevous with Master’s paws, but my northern cheeks haven’t felt anything harsher than a bad dose of beard burn (but, holy hell can’t that hurt sometimes!)

Face-slapping was… in a word…shocking. Like a frozen mars bar shoved up your cunt on a sub-zero night, it had me wide-awake in an instant. More than anything it really felt ‘taboo’. I know a bit of slap and tickle on your face is not exactly incest or necrophilia, but  face-slapping sounds a bit too much like abuse. While pussy-slapping or tit-slapping is naughty, face-slapping is right up there with wife-bashing as far as my limited view of the world is concerned. I know a lot of people get really turned on by face-slapping, even to the point of marking and bruising,  but on my face, it felt really, really weird. I think it had me so off-balance that I actually shut up for the entire time that his hand was getting up close and personal with my cheeks.  He did it very gently- they were barely slaps, but for my first time, it was more than enough. IOn reflection, I found it fascinating that something so ‘subtle’ could wind me up so much. 

My induction to face-slapping was closely followed by ass-licking. Picture this: me chained to the bed in boots, Master laying on his stomach.

‘Lick my ass.’

‘Ummm…well, you know, I’m not really into scat. we kind of discussed this before didn’t we? Scat was one of our hard limits that we both agreed on.. and it’s not very good health-wise and everything…bacteria etc.’

‘You silly bitch. I said lick my ass, not my crack!’

‘Oh! hahahahah…(lick, lick, lick)’

‘For a kitten, your licking sucks!’ 

‘Well, it’s your butt…and its furry!’

‘Just get on with it!’

Life in our household is never dull.


5 thoughts on “Face-slapping and ass-licking

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  1. fans self…..oh my, i love it but i hate it too.

    my first face slapping had me looking like a stunned mullet and begging for more, over the years only a select few have played with me that way, some will have me willing to fight till the end (so to speak) others will have me in a sobbing mess, i get a certin catharsis from it.

  2. Hello. I followed you back from cliterary musing’s journal, and really liked the look of yours. So I’ve added you. Hope that’s ok.

    Mind you, I still don’t understand what my toothbrush can tell me – except that I need to buy a new one. It’s all fluffed out.

    PS. My gf loves having her face slapped, precisely because it’s taboo. At some point I’m sure I’m going to end up giving her a black eye by mistake…

  3. Face slapping is a wonderful thing. If a hand feels too much like abuse, have him slap your face with his cock. That’s not something most wife-beaters do. See my post on this a domophile.wordpress.com

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