Nitty gritty

Slave though I may be, and property of my domly one I am, Master and I are two completely different individuals. Although we share a few likes and dislikes, fundamentally we are two people with different upbringings, different ideas and different ways of doing things. Different doesn’t really seem to be problem if you only see each other for short, sharp romantic rendezvous, where your hair is always perfect and no-one farts, but when you wake up and find someone else’s pubic hair on your toothbrush, you know that there’s going to be some compromises in store.

Normally you live with someone because you love them or at least like them, but in the world of D/s often it’s the case that two people live together because one wants what the other can give. It’s very rare for someone to totally give up what they know and go to live with someone across the other side of the country or even across the world in ‘traditional’ relationships, but in D/s it’s more common. I’m still amazed by the fact thatI met Master for the first time at Perth airport. I’d seen a photo or two and spoken to him on the phone a fair bit, but that is all very different to being with someone in the flesh. 

Fantasies don’t often contain the nitty gritty of life and when you have your sights fixed on living your dream, the other mundane bits of daily life don’t really seem to rate a mention. I wonder how many people have said ‘as long as we are together, the other stuff will work itself out.’
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….How wrong can a person be! Those type of shut-eye comments, make my side ache after laughing so hard.

It’s the nitty gritty that you have to focus on. Life is much, much bigger than the slice of D/s that you will eventually find the time to fit in there somewhere. There is no point finding yourself a subbie one or a domly one to scratch your itch 24/7  if you don’t intrinsically like that person to begin with. Having your slice of D/s doesn’t mean that you can have your cake of life and eat it too.

I was sooooo lucky with Master, because we get on exceptionally well, but I’ve learned my lesson and wouldn’t decide to live with someone before meeting them first. Of course, I won’t have a say in whomever Master gives/sell/pawns me off to in the future as long as I am a slave, but I have a feeling that he would see to it that I would be happy with whomever he chose.


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  1. what you forget a slave bought at the market off the auction block has no choice about their owner, they are merely bought, paid for and transported to their owner’s home and assigned their cell and tasks and entered into the household property register.

    you were as close to being a slave as you could by your decision to come with no preconceptions or previous meetings

    l think we are lucky that it has worked out so well between us on so many levels in terms of likes, tastes and personalities, pity about your movie choices


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