H is for head harness

Funny that I should choose to write about this topic when I can’t open my mouth wider than a centimetre and talking is a chore. Actually it feels like the day after a particularly long gag session when your jaw is stiff and you can’t quite smile properly. Hopefully it’s just my wisdom tooth moving around and making itself known again and not something more sinister that will require root canal work.

But back onto topic, head harnesses are something that I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while because my feelings towards them have changed dramatically. Several months ago if you had asked me what I thought about them, I would have said that they’re not particularly attractive and didn’t turn me on at all. Now I’ll tell you that the reason I like them so much is that they make you look butt-ugly!

Let me explain…I’m starting to equate unattractiveness with objectification. For me, looking ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’  seem to be qualities that wouldn’t encourage objectification- if you’re worried about how your hair looks, I don’t think you can really let yourself go and ‘letting go’ is a necessary step on the way to being ground into dirt.

Head harnesses are not meant to accentuate the human form, they’re there for control and humiliation. Essentially a head harness is a gag, and while you could create the same pool of drool quite comfortably with a simple ball gag,  there is something so primal, so de-humanizing about the wide straps of leather criss crossing your face and the straps being tightened under chin and behind head. A harness to bind you, a harness to control and animalize you.

I used to look at pictures of damsels in distress strapped up in head harnesses and wonder how anyone found them attractive, the harnesses looked big, ugly and quite uncomfortable. Now I’m beginning to think that it wasn’t the attractive factor that people were interested in, it was how much you could make that girl look like nothing more than a cum and fuck hole that was the beauty of the head harness. 

Slut controlled in a harness. 
Harnessed slut made to cum like an animal. 
Animal for her Master.


10 thoughts on “H is for head harness

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  1. you are an animal thats why l leash you to my bed

    we will be getting a o ring gag and a pony bit and harness for you

    your my slut whore and you need to be trained to be obedient and pleasing

    your caning education will provide you with an incentive to serve won’t it


  2. I’ve really been enjoying your posts – for some reason though I can’t access them from work ( I get a big red IT security warning when I try… ) so I’ve had to wait until I’m home to post this…

    Completely agree with you about the head harnesses…. I have to be honest, I generally prefer using a simple ball gag. For one thing you can see the expression in her eyes, whether it’s fear or arousal, it can still be pretty powerful.

    But when I’ve used a head harness before, because you can’t see their face, it becomes so much more objectified. Suddenly they’re not a girl anymore, they’re a body to be used…

    You really do write some interesting posts. Worth braving the IT police for, I think….

  3. *blushes* thank you for the comment!

    Unfortunately, I think my repeated use of words such as cunt, cum, bondage, fuckhole etc. sets off those IT security things (Master has the same problem at his work…lol)

    I agree, those ‘why are you doing this to me? I’m just an innocent girl’ wide-eyed looks from helpless gag victims are simply delicious.


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