Chain reaction

After my wax yesterday my general pussy area was looking fire truck red. These things usually settle down after a few hours, but by 11pm last night, not only had the red not gone away, but the itching and throbbing had started. At the moment my pink bits are so swollen that I'd do any cunt pump aficionado... Continue Reading →


Scaring the newbie

So, it was time again. Time to slather hot wax on my pink bits and rip the hairs out as they grip onto my follicles for dear life, shouting "'s not my time to go!!"I decided to go to my old beauty salon that I haven't frequented since they changed management and last week I... Continue Reading →


While ironing Master's work shirts last night, I came to a startling revelation: D/s slavery = Married life in Japan Wow! I'd never realised it before but most of what is expected of me as a slave in Australia in 2007 is what was expected of me as a married woman in Japan in 2005.... Continue Reading →

Up the cunt…and bum part deux!

I've been a bit wordy of late, so here's some visual stimulation: From left to right: Mr. Purple, Mr.Medium, Mr. Mini Next time I talk about Mr. Purple, you'll all know what I'm talking about! And the full collection of my toys for insertion with cunt use on the right and bum use on the... Continue Reading →

Up the bum

As part of our one-year anniversary celebration the other week, Master let me shove things up his bum.So in one of my bizzaro-est moments in my life to date, I lubed up the thin purple vibe and inserted it delicately into Master's poo jew tunnel.His first reaction?"Is the fucking thing on?"Now that is a question... Continue Reading →


The slave's lament:"I'm damned if I ask for something, and damned if I don't"The Master's lament:"I'm damned if I do something, and damned if I don't"It's all too hard. I suppose most of the problem is that in any D/s relationship you've got two people with very different needs. Admittedly, they are supposed to compliment... Continue Reading →


Last night was good. There was bondage, there was a hood and there was some ouchie stuff.  A girl kinda needs that combination every once in a while. I had dressed in 'minimalist slut' - red, thigh-high pvc boots and red and black gloves- for the 'meet and greet Master' session. In our little chat earlier... Continue Reading →

Half an itch

I have been known to watch porn from time to time and something strikes me odd about it -  is it just me, or is everyone in bdsm porn obsessed with making the woman orgasm? Now, I have to state that there are only a few porn sites that I frequent ,and all of them except one... Continue Reading →

Health Kick

So, the weather is slightly starting to warm up and it's that time of year again- health kick time!!Actually, I've been meaning to start this again for a while, but distracting things like uni and *whispers in a really small voice so Master can't hear* WoW have belayed my motivation. But I decided that once... Continue Reading →

Breaking in

The lovely tesoro_de_amo ,who always writes thought-provoking entries I might add, wrote an intriguing post a couple of weeks back entitled "breaking vs. training" and I've been mulling the topic over in my mushy pea brain ever since. One thing I've never quite understood is this notion of training. I've always interpreted training to mean honing a skill or... Continue Reading →

First Anniversary

On this day, one year ago, I was up on the bench getting my first labia and clithood piercings.  Two days earlier I had stepped off the plane at Perth airport and met Master in the flesh for the first time. It was all very surreal at the time. One moment, I was a free... Continue Reading →

Sharing the load

In one of my pondering sessions, one of many that I have while I'm in the bath, sitting on the bus, doing laps in the pool or pounding the pavement (while talking to I the only one who walks along talking to herself?) I came up with the answer. The answer to something that... Continue Reading →

My censored life

Sometime back in July while I was home for holidays, I received an e-mail from the foundation that gave me a scholarship for my undergraduate degree in Japan. They were publishing their annual magazine and wanted me to write an essay about what I'd done since leaving uni. It was to go in the section... Continue Reading →

Mystery Shopper #3

My Sunday was a very bizarre mix of "Wtf am I doing?" moments and totally dispassionate acquiescence as I submitted to another. Master informed me at about 10am that I was required to be bathed and ready by 4pm and to plan my day with that in mind. As soon as I heard that, all my... Continue Reading →


I see these three words 'suck it up' floating around a lot and I've even been told to 'suck it up' on numerous occasions, both by Master and by commenters on my blog. I used to substitute 'deal with it' for 'suck it up', but now I come to think about it, 'suck it up'... Continue Reading →

The Touch of a Woman

My timetable for this semester has me at uni Mon, Wed, Fri with Tues and Thursday off. Two whole days a week I get to stay home and do the 'living life stuff'. Later on I'm sure I'll be using those days to frantically type some more 'teaching crap' so I can hand in assignments mere... Continue Reading →


So after my recent post about what the word 'slut' means I was reading through the comments and a sudden thought occurred to me, Just because Master calls me a slut, is it ok? Does his approval or consent to label me as something, even if I am not that thing, suddenly make it ok? On... Continue Reading →

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