The Touch of a Woman

My timetable for this semester has me at uni Mon, Wed, Fri with Tues and Thursday off. Two whole days a week I get to stay home and do the ‘living life stuff’. Later on I’m sure I’ll be using those days to frantically type some more ‘teaching crap’ so I can hand in assignments mere minutes before the deadline, but this week, I spent my two days scrubbing and vacuuming, mopping and dusting. 

I cleaned the house from top to bottom before I went home for holidays-doing the extra little things like dusting the louvres on the inside of the pantry door and scrubbing the underside of the soap holder in the shower. Three weeks I was gone, and while Master kept the house in an above-average state of tidiness, I noticed something was missing as soon as I walked in the door- the touch of a woman. 

Master and Jacque the poodle pup, stacked the dishwasher, took out the garbage, washed and ironed work clothes. Not really all that much different to what the ‘woman of the house’ does. But two boys left alone in the house for three weeks were lacking something. Now I’m not quite sure what the difference was, but it was tangible. 

I’ve noticed that with other boys too. I’ve regularly disappeared home for weeks and sometimes months at a time, only to return to a bachelor pad.  There’s something sad and kind of sterile about single boy’s places. It just makes me want to bake a cake and fold their socks into smiley faces for some reason.

Master said that while I was gone he missed the sounds I make, the sense that there was another person in the house. He missed the banter and the smells and interactions. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something different to a space shared by two people, some essence lingers in the air of laughter and happy times. The feeling that you are not alone and never will be.

After two days of fussing and primping, the house has returned to its former state of cohabitation. Master even baked an orange cake last night so instead of the heady smell of cleaning products, there was a wonderful aroma of orange throughout the house. 

Cake, cappuccino and quality time with Master….all sound like ingredients for a wonderful weekend.


5 thoughts on “The Touch of a Woman

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  1. household duties

    Well cake didnt turn out as well as the last couple, l think l shouldn’t have listened to someone while it was baking and altered the temperature control but will turn out already when re-heated and cream or ice cream dolloped on top of it.

    Glad your home and tending to the minor details around the palce its the small things that make a place a home.

    I do enjoy your noise around the house and l did indeed miss it whilst you were away.

    Not sure l should let you go home after christmas for 2 weeks, probably suffering post absence trauma still.


  2. I was gonna…

    …do a joke or two about the nature of guys and sterile, having boys at home and having been one, I know that it is in the nature of boys to maintain a less than sterile environment. And too, since I have so many boys and girls, I know all about sterile…and I am now!

    But…since celticslave got to me, I’ve gone over the top, turned to the dark side…and now I’m channeling music. I know what he meant..if you want to hear a song about how he felt the listen to the song with the lyric:

    “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone….”

    Know what I mean? Yeah…I imagine y’all do šŸ˜‰

    Mr. Upton Ogood, troubador of love, romance and general foolin’ around

  3. Re: I was gonna…

    Well, I did mean ‘sterile’ in an emotional context…lol. I’ve had my fair share of less than ‘sterile’ boy and girl environments. I’m not a clean freak, but I don’t understand how mold can be a feature piece of a room.

    Things Yoda would say in bed:

    “Turn over and show me your dark side”


  4. Re: I was gonna…

    Think of mold as something by Pollack. Frame it sell it and send the kid off to college. šŸ˜‰

    (There isn’t any music in mold…but the Pollack reference gets me to art, which is close…so there ya go) šŸ™‚


    ps…I thought you’d be pleased with the music thingie. No like?

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