Health Kick

So, the weather is slightly starting to warm up and it’s that time of year again- health kick time!!

Actually, I’ve been meaning to start this again for a while, but distracting things like uni and *whispers in a really small voice so Master can’t hear* WoW have belayed my motivation. But I decided that once I got back to Perth and this semester started, I would be really good. And I’m happy to say that I have been-lots of exercise and healthy food has been on the agenda and I’m into a nice little routine now so it’s not that painful.

I brought back my super, dooper scales that I had in storage at my nanna’s house. I got them several years ago in Japan and I just love them because not only do they tell you your weight and body fat percentage, they also tell you your BMR (base metabolic rate), your percentage of muscle, your percentage of fat around your organs (as opposed to the fat under your skin) your bone density and your health rating as a whole based on these figures and your height, age and sex. They are very cool and you can’t buy anything like it in Australia, as far as I know. Because I’m a number fixated person I just love to watch the numbers go up and down and generally I record them as a bit of a motivational tool.

Generally I felt pretty ok with myself before I started the health kick, but there is a part of me that gets a bit stressed when I’m not as strong as I have been or could be. I kind of see it as part of my ‘slave duty’ to be fit and able to take what the domly one wants to dish out and generally I find that when I’m fitter, my pain tolerance is higher (I figure it’s all that pain of body pump and copious amounts of laps in the pool that dulls my pain receptors.)

I hate exercising, I really do, but I love challenging and pushing myself and have been known to pit myself against others…I’m squatting an inch lower than the burly guy in front of me..Woo hoo!…That guy just lapped me in the pool…oh crap!

Having my cunt pierced put a major hole (hahahahahaha…I really am too funny sometimes) in my mobility and ability to exercise. I used to jog and do more active aerobics classes but I find the up and down movement of the rings not only painful, but the sensation is beyond bizarro and into ‘makes-me-want-to-vomit’ territory. As a result, I’ve turned to more sedate swimming and muscle training classes and while they get basically the same results, there isn’t the mental stimulation of more active things. It’s a shame because I used to really enjoy it – the things we have to sacrifice for domly ones!

And speaking of sacrifice, I see the whole ‘looking after myself’ thing as something I do for Master. I want him to have the most pleasing toy possible and I want him to be proud of me when others are around. It comes back to me being a reflection of him and therefore I want to be the best that I can be.

A few days ago he mind-fucked me good and proper by telling me that a mystery shopper was going to arrive in 50mins and that I needed to be ready. He then poked fun at me for wanting to go and shave my pussy and not wanting to eat dinner, saying that it was “Okay for me to see hairy pussy and lumpy tummy, but not okay for the mystery shopper!” Well, that is in a sense true, but not because I had vanity issues with the mystery shopper, it’s because I wanted Master to be able to display me in the best possible condition. After all, I am a direct reflection of Master and our relationship.

The health kick thing is exactly the same. It’s like wanting to wash and polish your car – not only does it keep the paintwork in good condition, but it also gives a good impression to those who see it. Master says he’s happy with me how I am and that I don’t need to do anything, but that’s just one of the ‘safe boy’ answers that he spurts to make sure that large objects don’t get thrown in his general direction by pms-ing womenfolk. Let’s just say then that I’m doing it for us.


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  1. Hey do the scales have a name?

    Hi, Ur scales sound lovely….i am also looking for soemthing similar in terms of the scales… they have abrand name or anything like that???
    Thanking u kindly

  2. Re: Hey do the scales have a name?

    They are called “Inner Scan” and are made by TANITA. I’m not sure if that is the same brand name that they used for overseas or even if they were sold overseas. I got them in Japan about 4 years ago.


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