Up the cunt…and bum part deux!

I’ve been a bit wordy of late, so here’s some visual stimulation:

From left to right: Mr. Purple, Mr.Medium, Mr. Mini

Next time I talk about Mr. Purple, you’ll all know what I’m talking about!

And the full collection of my toys for insertion with cunt use on the right and bum use on the left:

Mr. Purple, Mr. Medium, Mr. Mini, Mr. White, Mini Mr. Purple, The Rabbit, OMG!
(Is it just me or is Mr. Medium a lefty and OMG! a righty?)

There also is a remote controlled pocket rocket somewhere around the place, but it seems the bermuda triangle effect has struck again (See Master! The bermuda triangle effect doesn’t exclusively work on ouchie things like nipple clamps and crops etc . *innocently whistles*)

Everytime I hold this I think of a light saber for some reason….Feel the dark side!

Even though Master is a boy, he can operate complex machinery and take pics at the same time. Wow!

And just a pic of a nightly cunt presentation in one of Master’s favourite pairs of boots…just ’cause I know he’ll like it (^v^)


12 thoughts on “Up the cunt…and bum part deux!

Add yours

  1. Mr Purple is huge ! ! That’s scary.

    I love the way you’ve given them all names. I also love how they sound like the line-up from Reservoir Dogs. Now every time I watch that film I’m going to be thinking about you putting toys in your cunt.

    And I watch that film a lot. It’s one of my favourites.

  2. Thanks for the comment (^v^)

    Master and I were sitting here going,

    “NSFW?…no sir fucking way? never suffer fancy wankers?”

    We just aren’t up with the lingo…lol.

    But just to show I care for my avid readers, I’ve hidden the pics behind a cut.


  3. My ass knows just how huge he is…trust me…lol…huge and unyielding that sucker is.

    Reservoir dogs=putting toys in cunt..I’m sure Quentin would love the association…hehehe.


  4. haha, I was casually checking my friend’s page and then I was shocked and thought “OMG Mister Purple is huge!” And for some reason I thought “This isn’t safe for work!” and then a second thought occured “Wait, why is someone reading blogs at work??”

  5. Re: colourful!

    They are very colourful aren’t they? It’s always interesting how most toys are available in a vibrant selection of colours.

    Fun?? Nah…just bizarro…lol


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