Chain reaction

After my wax yesterday my general pussy area was looking fire truck red. These things usually settle down after a few hours, but by 11pm last night, not only had the red not gone away, but the itching and throbbing had started. At the moment my pink bits are so swollen that I’d do any cunt pump aficionado proud.

It seems I’ve had, yet again, a bad reaction to the wax. Two out of three of waxes will be good, but one will always leave me with something akin to chemical burns. It’s not the temperature of the wax- how my skin reacts just depends on the mood it’s in. I hate having sensitive skin.

After rolling around in bed for hours trying to get comfortable and being woken up every 40mins or so by insane itchiness and stinging, I got up and grabbed an ice pack, hoping that the coolness would soothe the burning. So I’ve had very little sleep and I’ve got a three hour lecture this morning, as well as a long study session planned for this afternoon. Goodie!

Master took pity on me last night and decided not to cane me, nor to shove Mr Purple up my bum. This is another one of those moments where reality is much grittier than fantasies one reads or hears about. There are always so many little things that can affect play and more often than not, the times that you are feeling 100% are the exact times that there is something wrong with the other person, or they’re just ‘not in the mood’. We may want to have fuck fests on tap, but it just ain’t possible because D/s doesn’t suddenly make us inhuman. Sad though it may be, I have to accept the fact that I’m not The Woman of Steel. I don’t cum faster than a speeding bullet. I’m not more powerful than a hitachi wand. I’m not able to straddle “The Challenger” in a single bound. 

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Slave! …..not.


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  1. I admire you for getting your pussy waxed at all, I shave mine every other day and it’s angry enough (and my skin is somewhat chemically sensitive) so mine would swell up in to some sort of bowling ball between my legs, I’m sure.
    I think it’s a big deal and you’re a good slave for going through it for your master. I mean, really. You’re a much better slave then you give yourself credit for, but.. sometimes that’s better then thinking you really are super slave, and then you’re all talk and no good play. Because I’m 19, I can only imagine how hard it is to live with a boyfriend/husband, much less to be a live-in slave. It’s a challenge to get along with someone, much less be a good slave 24/7. My boyfriend and I live in neighboring cities and I’m only his sexual servant. It’s a very voluntary thing, and he asks me when he may fuck me when we’re together (even though he’s poised and ready most of the time) and he’ll ask me to masturbate for him over the phone (Which annoys me sometimes, I’d rather him command me, but he’s nice like that.) ANYWAY, my forgotten point was this: It is a big deal to be ready and turned on on command, even if people make it seem like it’s not. It is. A girl is not all vagina. There’s more to life and feelings then having a vagina and having it filled.
    There’s a whole different dynamic to being a live in slave, and even still there’s a give and take and communication.
    I know I don’t really know you, but I admire how well you do, even if you do have occasional “hissy fits”

    anyway, I really admire you, and I think you are a very strong person.

  2. l do think its the wax content and maybe you should do a little research on contents and see if there is something that does irritate your skin. Although we call it waxing, l’m sure it won’t be pure wax, it will have some other chemicals in it for pliability etc.

    I also noticed your really bad reaction to waxing is from going to this place and the girl who used to work there, who must be using their supplies or supplier for her home business.

    I do think there is a difference in skills and dedication of the technicians as well so again l say do some research talk to others and get some recommendations.

    Your spending money for a comestic look and if your not happy with the result or the treatment is hurting like hell due to chemical composition then you got to say that no matter what your saving on the treatment cost its been a waste of your cash.

    I like the look and feel of clean cunt, most men do and so it’s an on-going requirement for you, so you might as well as sort the problems out to minimiise your future pain.

    Last night red boots, silve chain halter top, red glowing cunt are you sure you werent a super hero from Chernoble

  3. From personal experience…the blue wax stuff rocks. Normal waxes suck for me, the kind that use the paper. The blue wax that does the “magic shell” type thing (you know, like dry on its own and then get yanked off in one piece) is even better than the pink magic shell stuff.

    Also, try to get some relax and wax. It’s an ointment that you can roll on after waxing which i find helps. I have super sensitive skin too. I take my chances with waxing because shaving ends up being worse overall, but the relax and wax stuff helps.

  4. Sensitive skin SUCKS!

    Hun, i know how you feel right now, not sure if you have kept up with my Altered states or not, but i was well suffer from being used this past weekend. This pet has a bad reaction to some peoples skin, the material some toys are made of and to top it off i have SPA, sperm protein allergy. So, i have to be very careful and i to am suffering still from last week. UHG, get better girl.

  5. Re: Sensitive skin SUCKS!

    *hugs* Wow…I’ve never heard of SPA- you poor thing!

    Reading here it seems a lot of people have sensitive skin, not just me, so it seems we’re all destined to check every label of everything we buy and pray while using it that we’re not going to swell up like a balloon.


  6. I have to agree with the blue/green wax stuff. Even though it hurts like a mother fucker, I’ve never had a better wax, nor a less stress-free after waxing experience. It seems I’ll be hunting around for a place that uses that next time.


  7. Ever heard the words ‘harsh and cruel’?? *wonders if you and Master went to the same school of ‘let’s be mean to the slave girl’

    Lol…tiger balm…you sick puppy (^v^)


  8. Re: Sensitive skin SUCKS!

    Not really related to the waxing issue but there’s a website that’s all about eco-living….and they list some of the substances to watch out for in home beauty products…..when i read it i felt like throwing out everything in my bathroom cupboard!!! (>_< )

    Hope your kitty is less radioactive….

    Direct link to harmful product info here:

  9. hi

    I have sensititve skin too and have had bad experiences with waxing in the past. i got an epilator for christmas and tried it on my pussy. it works really well and the ice pack attachment really helps with my sensitive skin. it also has the addedd bonus that you dont have to wait for the regrowth like you do before a wax. i just run mine over maybe 2 times a week and its always smooth πŸ™‚ id really recommend it as a kinder alternative to waxing


  10. try this!

    Hiya.. delurking for a second..I love your blog, btw πŸ™‚

    I always get brutal reactions to waxing (even more so to a shave) but have found that using a 10% glycolic acid body lotion right after you wax/shave or whatever seems to keep the bumps at bay. Here in Canada, it’s made by Neostrata.. not sure about Oz.
    It hurts, but might be worth trying.

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