Lazy Saturday Afternoons

So, what's a girl supposed to do when her neighbours are karaoke lovers and strains of 'Viva Las Vegas' can be heard from over the fence at an ear-piercing level on a Saturday afternoon and she's trying to do an assignment? She looks down and takes a picture of her crotch. Of course. I've titled... Continue Reading →



Chained naked to the bed by my collar, I waited for him to position himself on me, his legs wrapped tightly around my boots, his face about 10cms from mine. One hand on my neck with the other hand pinning down my right arm and with nowhere for me to go, the nightly interrogation starts.... Continue Reading →

The Rosetta Reminder Board

So I got up yesterday morning and there on the fridge, amongst the magnets and Chinese takeaway menus, was a message from Master Don't you just love a man with a sense of humour? But while we're on the subject of photos, anyone who goes back in my journal archives and clicks on a link... Continue Reading →


Master has a new partner in crime. She is a sinister, evil woman who I think spends far too much time planning devilish tortures for unsuspecting subby folk. And with boots and boobs Mistress Blair is taking the kitten and Master world by storm. Hardly a day goes by when Master is not deep in conversation on msn with Mistress... Continue Reading →

Mr. Brooks

Although this might sound disturbingly like another cunt/bum insertion device- owing to my penchant for naming toys ala Reservoir Dogs, it's actually the name of a Kevin Costner movie I watched on the plane on the way back from Melbourne. While Master was busily scrolling through the games on the entertainment unit (which, along with... Continue Reading →

Home alone

We're baaaaaack! Well, actually anyone who reads Master's blog will know that we've been back since Wednesday, but let's not dwell on ten quality days with Master were spent in Melbourne and other than us both getting yucky colds, we had a wonderful time. There were lots of 'Why are you sitting on the... Continue Reading →

Getting away

Master and I will be off to Melbourne from tomorrow to spend some time celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with his family and friends. Being in the latter half of my last semester at uni, it's not the best time to be going anywhere. I spent most of my time in the lecture this morning, between half listening and... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

 I was having a few problems thinking of something to write about so I dropped Master an email:'Is there anything you'd like me to write about? I'm stuck for a topic.'This was his reply:'Topics off the top of my head, no particular order or preference: Caning me every nightLiving with a cracked pussy is worse than... Continue Reading →

Cracking up

 Question:How much ass crack, would a waxing crack up,If a waxing session could crack your crack?Answer:About 10cmsWell, that's how much of my ass crack is cracked at the moment. An interesting side-effect from my brazillian boo-boo last week, saw me scratch and scratch and scratch until I could scratch no more and then my ass cracked. It's... Continue Reading →

The Party aka The Blair Witch Project

Let me start by saying that I had a great time! It was fabulous to meet everyone that I'd either chatted to on-line or heard so much about- it's always great to put faces to names.About 3pm yesterday, Master gave me the nod to wear clothes! Yay! So instead of horrifying the room with my post-apocalyptic cunt, I... Continue Reading →

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