Getting away

Master and I will be off to Melbourne from tomorrow to spend some time celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with his family and friends. 

Being in the latter half of my last semester at uni, it’s not the best time to be going anywhere. I spent most of my time in the lecture this morning, between half listening and half working on one of my assignments, worrying about just when I was going to get my assignments done re: ‘If I finish that one before we leave and do that one while we’re in Melbourne, then I can start one of the two that are due just after we come back…..’ and so on and so forth. Gee, I just love being a student again! Remind me when I start to get the urge to study again of all the angst associated with it.

Melbourne promises to be a time of slut wear and secretive croppings. Last time we stayed at Master’s parents’ house he took his one-touch rope bondage to rope me at night in my bedroom and then he’d come and get me in the early hours of the morning and take me to his bedroom. I’m sure his parents were wondering what all the shuffling in the hallway and the muted spanking noises were about and why we wouldn’t emerge until well into the morning.

There were also the hand-cuffed cropping sessions that echoed throughout the house when no-one was home, but every little noise brought a ‘Was that a car door?’ response from me. (Reading back over that it sounds like I was trying to find an excuse for the cropping session to stop. Pffft! Me? Try to stop it? Never!)

I’m also worrying about more mundane matters like how I’m going to do pussy maintenance.  I really find it hard being out of my familiar environment and a lack of privacy is not so good. I don’t think a ‘she’s got an infection down there!’ excuse will cut it again this year as to why I need to have salt baths *makes mental note to take her own big-mutha bag of salt this time. Food is also an issue because I only eat  chicken and fish in the ‘meat’ department and I always feel like I’m imposing on people and being ‘difficult’.

But aside from all that, it will be nice to spend some quality time with Master. He’s a bit stressed about job issues and money issues and things like that at the moment,so it will be good for him to get away from it all and chill. He has worked out a lovely itinerary for us and arranged some great sight-seeing in and around Melbourne. The itinerary he, of course, turned into a colour-coded excel spreadsheet and forwarded to all involved *has a deja vu moment of an anal James Spader in the Secretary

Thank you Master, I love my spreadsheet (^v^)

So if you don’t hear from me for a while, think of me pounding the streets of Melbourne in leather and boots.


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