Home alone

We’re baaaaaack! Well, actually anyone who reads Master’s blog will know that we’ve been back since Wednesday, but let’s not dwell on trivialities…lol.

So ten quality days with Master were spent in Melbourne and other than us both getting yucky colds, we had a wonderful time. There were lots of ‘Why are you sitting on the floor?‘ ,‘Why doesn’t he get his own beer/coffee/whatever?‘ and ‘Why are you still wearing that thing around your neck?‘ questions echoing around the various places we visited but it was all good. The highlight of the trip was definitely our ‘spanky spanky interruptus’ episode at Master’s parents’ house and once again we were reminded of the importance of closing bedroom doors even in a seemingly empty house.

Master went off to Yanchep (about 30mins north of Perth) today for work and won’t be back until tomorrow so we have a slave home alone situation. I think it’s the first night I’ve spent alone in this house in the 13 months I’ve lived here. I spent the day working on a uni assignment and had an easy dinner. It’s quiet and lonely and not the least little bit of fun I was expecting when Master walked out the door this morning saying, “Have fun!”

At times like this I have been known to evoke the slave girl’s cure-all…a masturbation fest! And while the thought of having a release without permission did cross my mind for about 0.2 micro-seconds, I immediately swallowed my pride and reached for my mobile. It’s frustrating and kind of scary to think that I can no longer use my body as though it’s mine, but it’s simply my way of life now.

Master graciously gave me permission for a release (although I could *feel* him laughing at me over the phone…) so I decided to spice things up a bit. Cue leather hood, ball gag, hand-cuffs, rope, chains, nipple-clamps, blindfold and one rather juicy, pumping climax. It was a release in more ways that one- good hard bondage is something I need from time to time and at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter whether it’s me tying myself up or Master tying me up. I even managed to give myself some great rope marks and imprints from my studded belt. Woo hoo!

One thing I particularly like doing when self-bondage is on the menu is presenting myself with a predicament like lower my head too far and choke myself kind of stuff. Now before any alarm bells going ringing in anyone’s head, I’m always very careful and don’t do anything stupid. After all, what fun is there to be had if you can’t enjoy the release at the end?



5 thoughts on “Home alone

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  1. Do the name “Quasimodo”…

    …ring a bell?

    Ok..I have to raise my hand. Yeah…the danger implicit rang bells for me. Just be careful, ok? Unintended consequence is a nice way of saying ‘accident’.

    Mr. Upton Ogood

  2. welcome back!

    Nice to see you back…. i’ve been missing reading you! Fabulous post to read (have yet to read your Masters), but i’m loving the self-bondage episode! Sounds like you had a ball all by yourself! i can admit to my own sessions and can sooo relate to needing to have something pulling on my neck, from the rope thats tied to the bedhead…. but always good to be careful and safe too! Welcome home! šŸ˜‰

    t. (http://trinity-pup.blogspot.com)

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