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So I got up yesterday morning and there on the fridge, amongst the magnets and Chinese takeaway menus, was a message from Master

Don’t you just love a man with a sense of humour?

But while we’re on the subject of photos, anyone who goes back in my journal archives and clicks on a link to a photo will notice that the links no longer work. Without warning, Picasa decided that my photos breach their policy in that they are “pornography” and deleted my entire album without sending me an email or anything. It was only after I sent them a polite inquiry as to where all my photos went that they sent me a reply (4 days later) that “some of my photos had been deleted for breaching their policy” so apparently even the ones of me in fetish wear (no nudity) or the ones of my collar or of my tattoo etc. are apparently all “pornography” because they’ve deleted every single one of them.

It’s a massive task to go back through all my entries and re-upload and re-link all the photos so I won’t be doing that until some assignments are out of the way and I have several days to kill.

In the meantime, if anyone knows any free storage sites that won’t be ‘offended’ by my pics, please let me know. And just FYI, I’ve already been banned twice by photobucket so we won’t even go there.

Any info would be appreciated!


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  1. here on livejournal they have a scrapbook, you can create galleries and even have private ones, i use it and have a few pics on there, why not suss it out and have a look at least they wont be deleted.

  2. Thanks carina 🙂

    I was just hoping to get away without having to pay anything. I’m stingy and like to keep a frugal type of blogging. I know US$20/year is not a huge amount of money for not having to mess around with other sites, but I’d just hoped to avoid it.


  3. What about flickr? I know you can put explicit pics there and set different levels of privacy. I have all of my regular pics there, but while I haven’t used them for explicit pics, I know others that do.

  4. I’m a dope…

    I was going to do a dumb joke about throwing rocks at your rosetta, because you’d get a rosetta stoned. Then I noticed all the comments about feeelthy peekchures….oooooh.

    Ok…I -know- that flikr is cool with explict pictures, so that’s a good suggestion from lawgirl68.

    Upton Ogood

  5. would you prefer l left of tasks for you to complete like wash my clothes, press my pants, walk the dog,take chicken out the freezer for dinner.

    thought you would enjoy knowing that l think of you and provide pleasurable encounters

    but if l am wrong on that score let me know

    as for porno pictures

    arent l lucky owner, l dont own a henny penny slave girl, l own a porno one instead, hmmmmmmmm more picture shoots for me,now where is that 12 inch butt plug the size of wine bottle


  6. A lot of people use flickr. It’s free (I think) and as long as you keep your pictures marked private and not public, they dont care what you upload. I’ve put my pictures there a time or two so you know they must be tolerant. 😉

    But mostly, I just use LJ. It’s so much easier and at a measly 20 bucks a year for a paid account, the ease far offsets the mess of linking and what-have-you. Master is too picky about the picture posts for Him to complain about a 20 dollar a year cost.

    And I vote that you post more and more pictures. You are far too stingy with them if you ask me! 😀

  7. Many are taken few are selected

    l take many photos of kitten at nearly each session of play probably at least 40 to 70 each time, the beauty of a digital camera, but only few get selected as they must have the right angle, the right lighting, doesn’t show her bum to big, her boobies to be too small. don’t talk about the nose profile


  8. You know, that’s exactly what I think too. It’s got quite an artistic flair to it that my third-grader-with-a-bent-finger handwriting doesn’t have. I wish I got to see more of it.


  9. Re: I’m a dope…

    Hahahahahaha…oh, hang on…that’s not that funny.

    Actually it is, so I’ll add another mark to the ‘MrUptoNoGood Funnies’- that brings it up to a total of one *grins*


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