If someone stares at you for a longer period of time than is normal it's because: a)  You walk like Mr Bean dances b)  Dental hygiene for you is a buzzword of the 1950's c)  They saw your wanted poster outside the police station d)  You're having a wardrobe malfunction e)  Wearing a bib should be... Continue Reading →

Next year

One week down and five to go on prac. I've decided that six weeks is definitely too long. But the question that is on my mind constantly as the weeks roll by is, what am I going to do once uni is all over?Money is always an issue whether you are in an M/s or a vanilla relationship. Although... Continue Reading →

Is it Friday yet? Please?

I'm tired. Super tired. So tired in fact I've been in bed waaay before 10pm each night this week. Maybe it's a good thing so I'm not up and around pining for Master.Master came home for his mid-week visit last night and it was lovely to watch him pottering around in the kitchen and hear him... Continue Reading →

Where I’m at

Sitting here in my purple cuffs and restraint belt, I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of an update of sorts- apparently I'm going into the cage later with my hood so that might call a halt to any blogging action later in the afternoon.Well, I finished my last assignment... Continue Reading →

Baby doll slut meets Mr. Medium

I enjoy labelling my meet and greet outfits for Master. When I hear Master's car pull up and I do the 'piss-bolt' into the appropriate place with butt up and head down, I'm generally thinking of a title for that day's outfit. He often whistles a bit as he nears the door and then the... Continue Reading →

The 8000

Today officially marks the day that I reached the elusive number of 8000 views on my alt profile. What an illustrious occasion! Well, it's not really, but I've been saying to Master for the past two or three months that I'm 'nearly at 8000' so I'm sure he'll be happy to know that I am... Continue Reading →

Kitten in the kitchen

So, I'm sure you all know that Master is a gourmet kinda guy. He makes all sorts of exotic things and our pantry has things like canned escargot and canned clams and that's just on his side! (My side with the Japanese stuff only has things like pickled gourd, dried salmon flakes with green tea seasoning and mugwort flour...not... Continue Reading →

Why women are crueller than men

The simple answer? Because they have to be. But perhaps some explanation is warranted. (So just before I launch into a stupendous display of presenting an argument, let me just say that I did have a bit of a discussion with myself about whether I should be posting on this topic or not...seeing that there... Continue Reading →

Pink elephants

Play parties always crack me up. There is a certain element of 'Let's ignore the pink elephant in the room' about them that really makes my head spin. Take my experiences the other night for example. I was already trussed up to the cross when a couple of people I knew entered the house and... Continue Reading →


Something happened on Saturday night, but I'm not really sure how to describe it. There was a point where I was fighting so hard not to let go and at the same time wanting to let go desperately.Then all at once I just stopped caring about what I "should" or "shouldn't" be doing and just... Continue Reading →

I know what you did last night

Last night was a night of many firsts:I can now say that 15 people have seen me naked, under harsh fluorescent lights and there were no public baths in sight.I've licked boots like I was sucking cockI've seen pussy lips go where no lips have gone before and have a new-found respect for body modification aficiandos.I... Continue Reading →

Guess who came to dinner?

Today was the day. B-day. The one and the only Mistress Blair day. It would be a massive understatement to say that I was slightly nervous. The woman is evil incarnate and I'd had several 'oh-my-god-I-can-see-dead-people!' moments when I'd looked at myself in the mirror during the day. I was a dead woman and my... Continue Reading →

In labour

I've got a post coming, it's's almost more push... Maybe tomorrow. My botty hurts. Nighty night xxx kitten aka the giggle monster. P.S This was just something to push that 'latte in my lap' photo down.

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