Pink elephants

Play parties always crack me up. There is a certain element of ‘Let’s ignore the pink elephant in the room’ about them that really makes my head spin.

Take my experiences the other night for example. I was already trussed up to the cross when a couple of people I knew entered the house and came over to say hi. I looked back over my shoulder to say hi and exchanged the normal pleasantries of “How are you?”, “How’s work?” and “I’d shake your hand, but I’m a bit tied up at the moment.” Meanwhile, I was still naked and trussed up to the cross. Then in a pause in the conversation, my switch friend decided she’d try out Master’s new whip on me. Hello? I thought we were friends! Lol..

Later, dragged into the kitchen on the leash, still naked and with my hands tied behind my back on the bondage belt, some more friends struck up another conversation with me about doing community nursing etc. Now, I don’t know about you but I just wouldn’t be able to do that. For one, I wouldn’t know where to look and secondly, it’s just bizarro.

There’s also a certain ‘freedom’ at parties that I find interesting. Something along the lines of sub meat trussed up somewhere is a ‘free-for-all’. I think I had four different people beating me with different implements and then there was the incident with the heavy hardware maid:

Master had taken me into the back room for a second session on a different cross and people kept coming by, sticking their head in and having a chat. The maid dropped by and for some reason decided I needed a bit of moral support, so she came in started stroking me and running her nails up and down my back and sides, all the while whispering “Breathe, you’re such a good slave.” I was hoping that Master was going to save me from her attentions, but he said he was enjoying the whole ‘girl-on-girl’ aspect of it (typical!). She then disappeared into the kitchen to get some ice. Back she came with ice and rubbed it all over my back and botty and then did a check for cunt wetness. She then decided that some ice in my pussy would be a really good thing, so a quick insertion followed. Master found the whole thing highly amusing.

Of course, no-one did anything without Master’s consent or approval, but it was a very good lesson in objectification for me. 

Oh, I’ve added some more pics to my album for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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  1. Were you the only naked chic there? I know I always find that having other people dressed when I am not makes it all so much more naked, if that’s possible.

    I think it’s hilarious that a normal conversation goes on, either with you or around you while you’re being “attended to”.

  2. PS Before you start wondering if I am bi I’m not. To take a line from the movie “40 First Dates” – “…I prefer sausage to taco…” but I do appreciate another female’s beauty both inside and out. All women are beautiful in their own way and should be celebrated at every opportunity….and yes, kitten’s Master I know you agree. < >

  3. Lol..I seem to remember the other night you also reminded me that “I’m not gay or anything!” Don’t worry Ms.B….I know I’m ‘safe’ with you. But I am curious, does the length of a pup’s hair relate at all to the length of his sausage? 😉


  4. Oh, yeah…me naked and a whole room of clothed people. Sounds like a good storyline for a horror movie (^v^)

    Normal conversation in any bdsm context just makes me want to giggle. I can barely keep a straight face – that is until it’s beaten out of me. Hehehe.

    Lot’s of yummy things happening on your blog too kaya! You always impress me.


  5. when i was living as a dungeon slave at the Lair, i was the only person in amoungst 40 odd people who was naked and yep, it was like i was fully clothed, but wait, there is more…
    wait till people see you out and about dressed, it took some time for people to relise it was me wearing clothes on numerous occasions i got *carina it IS you*

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