Where I’m at

Sitting here in my purple cuffs and restraint belt, I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of an update of sorts- apparently I’m going into the cage later with my hood so that might call a halt to any blogging action later in the afternoon.

Well, I finished my last assignment on Wednesday and my last exam on Friday, so to all extents and purposes, I’m finished uni and studying, again…for the…umm…third time? I’ve been under a fair amount for pressure for the past few weeks, so that is my excuse for not blogging regularly and I’m sticking to it. Now whether or not my entries become more regular now or not, is another question…lol. For the next six weeks I’ll be doing prac teaching at a secondary school in about the most inconvenient place I could possibly be going to in Perth. We all know I’m not a morning person and the 6am wake-ups I’ll be doing in order to get there on time, will be hideous. So if you don’t see a blog for a while, just assume I’m napping.

After my exam on Friday I went with a friend to Sexpo and literally turned her into my bitch. We had great fun with the assistance of the guys at Sax Leather and trussed her up in some delightful purple cuffs, a collar, leash and blindfold and then they even obliged her with a bit of paddling and flogging and some kneeling action. Her reaction was priceless. Fingers crossed she gets a collar to call her own soon.

In “Hooker 2006” and come-fuck-me boots, I looked decidedly dommely and after having her at the end of my leash, I thought it might be interesting to walk around with the leather paddle I’d bought Master in my hand. I’m sure more than a few people there thought she was ‘my girl’. I’ve decided to call the paddle “Mr. Amnesia” because for some reason, I have memory loss when it comes to pain toys. I constantly forget how much they hurt and my fervent vows never to buy Master anything to inflict pain with again, go right out the window. Along with a lovely front-lacing burgundy corset I also made another couple of painful purchases that I’m hoping to surprise Master with later on which I might be tempted to call “Mr. Amnesia Revisited” and “Mr. Amnesia Returns”.

Saturday morning I thought it might be a good idea to scrub the ‘I love SEX’ fake tattoo I’d gotten at Sexpo off my hand before going shopping among the ‘nilla folk. It had crossed my mind that perhaps the back of my hand wasn’t the best place to put something like that and I’d had images on myself unable to remove it and doing a ‘Michael Jackson’ to school on Monday. I applied some soap and started rubbing. There wasn’t even a hint of fading or imminent removal so I brought in the big guns – my loofah. After several minutes of vigorous scrubbing, it finally started to budge and although it involved scrubbing the back of my hand red raw, it’s now completely gone. The lesson for today? Put embarrassing shit like that in a non-embararssing place.

Sunday morning I woke up to a vase full of our gorgeous apricot roses from the garden and a freshly baked banana cake. Master had been busy while I was sleeping the morning away. Sitting here now I can smell the perfume of the roses as they sit on the table behind me and I can still taste the scrummy banana cake on my tongue and once again I’m reminded of just how lucky I am to have Master. He’d even been waiting for me to wake up so he could have breakfast, because for some reason, and I can’t for the life of me explain why, he cannot make toast without setting off the fire alarm.

Next week Master starts living down south for 4 days of the week and I’ll be spending considerable amounts of time left to my own devices. I’m not happy about it, but there is nothing that can be done about it at the moment. When he told me on Friday about the new arrangement for work, my immediate reaction was tears, but I blinked them back and put on a brave face. At least he’ll be back on the weekends and Wednesday nights so it’s not like I won’t get to see him forever and when he’s not here,  I’ll still have the roses to remind me.


2 thoughts on “Where I’m at

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  1. Sneaky sneaky…


    I did wonder why you were walking around with it. That thought never occurred to me. Lol. Sneaky.

    You’ll know when you read my blog…. D bought me the collar yay! It feels like it’s on now but it’s not…Is that normal?

    If only we were all so lucky – waking up to banana cake and roses…

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