Is it Friday yet? Please?

I’m tired. Super tired. So tired in fact I’ve been in bed waaay before 10pm each night this week. Maybe it’s a good thing so I’m not up and around pining for Master.

Master came home for his mid-week visit last night and it was lovely to watch him pottering around in the kitchen and hear him yell his favourite phrases, ‘Bitch! Coffee me!’ and ‘Bitch! Sock me!’ (which means take his socks off, not slap the shit out of him). It’s definitely much nicer when he’s here.

After dinner I made some worksheets, cleaned the kitchen, stacked the dishwasher, ironed his work shirts and had my bath. Upon emerging I heard a  “Bitch!” so I went into the lounge to see what he wanted.

(Pointing to the ground in front of the lounge) “So, like, I’ve been away for several days and like, aren’t you supposed to be here, soaking up my presence?” what would Masters be for if not for providing such poignant ruminations?
P.S I had my first “I like your necklace” comment today. I generally find that it’s the slightly ’emo kids’ who make the positive comments about it and it won’t be long before the “Why do you always wear that?”, “Isn’t it heavy?” comments from the ‘normal kids’ start. Can’t wait…lol.


5 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet? Please?

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  1. You’re running kind of short of comments lately, so just to make you happy to see “one new comment” (or w/e you see), there go another five minutes of my time…

    So yeah, the week was pretty damn long for me as well… I suppose it’s a hell lot longer if you have plans for the weekend, isn’t it… well, at least, I only have to work hard during work and don’t get tortured when I’m at home ^^ Unfortunately, I don’T have someone to kick around, which makes the week a hell lot longer…

    For your necklace, everyone likes it one way or the other… and I can safely say that I’m far away from being emo-minded, so relax – you and your jewelery are not old-fashioned yet 😉


  2. i thought the kids would have tormented you about your collar by now, maybe its more acceptable than i thought it would be.
    what about the other teachers or the principle, have they asked you about it yet?

  3. I sat across from the deputy today for about an hour and had a very interesting conversation about the woes of the education system. Nothing was said and I didn’t even notice his eyes straying to the section below my chin and above my boobs.

    But first period I did have my first “Does that come off?” question. Fortunately it was said to me in the relative privacy of a corner of the room and not yelled across the room over the heads of 30 thirteen-year-olds.


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