If someone stares at you for a longer period of time than is normal it’s because:

a)  You walk like Mr Bean dances
b)  Dental hygiene for you is a buzzword of the 1950’s
c)  They saw your wanted poster outside the police station
d)  You’re having a wardrobe malfunction
e)  Wearing a bib should be mandatory for you
f)   They’re staring at the collar around your neck

Well, it’s a tough job, but someone has to refute most of those alternative options above:

a)  I tend to hobble in boots rather than walk, and I keep my arms firmly to my sides, avoiding any circular motion
b)  I have an uber-super Oral B supersonic electric toothbrush, which could also double as a vibrator thanks to its 10,000 oscillations a minute
c)  I’ve never been caught for anything I’ve done wrong (^v^)
d)  Wardrobe malfunctions are usually confined to slut wear and since I’ve been in henny penny teacher wear, it ain’t happening
e)  I know that food goes into my mouth and not onto my shirt (hint, hint Master)

So obviously the answer must be f. But for some reason, when I notice someone staring at me, I always assume it’s one of the reason listed from a to e above. That last one never really seems to dawn on me until much, much later.

Still no more comments on the collar, but I am noticing more people staring. Any one want to place a bet on whether I get any straight out questions or comments before the end of my 6 week prac?  Master and I played this game before with his family and I lost and my ass paid for it. I thought most people would be tactful enough not to say anything, and his family wasn’t, but how about 120 teaching staff and 1800 kids?


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  1. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!

    I’m betting you will get questions…..since when are people tactful? I’m amazed your uni colleague lady didn’t go on about OH&S or something (oops I wrote OHP before… jargon is getting to me).

    22 days to go and then you will be ‘free’ (note inverted commas) to walk in the world with people who can form thoughts rather than having them put in their little minds. If i hear the word ‘miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis’ one more time….

  2. This is why I read blogs…

    …to get ideas. You see I have a small blemish or skin defect. It looks an awful lot like young Henry Fonda. For years people stared and I was very self-conscious. As this thing is wen-like or mole-like, it’s a three dimensional beast. In order to hide it, I grew facial hair which only exacerbated the problem. Now it looked like young Henry Fonda playing young Abraham Lincoln. I took to leaving my zipper down just to have people not stare at my face…but then the judge ordered me into therapy so that didn’t work. Loud neckties was a good idea except that folks would point and giggle at my poor taste and then suddenly stop and stare at the three dimensional movie star on my face. I finally got used to the idea of signing autographs. Now that I’m older, the thing has changed a bit. It looks more like Yoko and, other than getting teased by my brother-in-law about breaking up the Beatles, I’d rather have the attention than the disdain.

    Perhaps you could open just one more button on your blouse. None of us would be fooled, of course, but decolletage always seems to be welcome.

    Upton Ogood

  3. bet sure why not

    Well kitten on the basis of your theory that people will stare but not ask and you were so confident of that theory in regards my family and friends why not bet on the question being asked during the next 21 days or so.

    What are you offering for the terms of the bet

    You prpeared to lose McDonald privileges for 6 months ?
    You prepared to bet on 200 cane strokes ?

    or have you got some new ideas on what would make the bet worthwhile maybe a block of 25 release passes.

    Personally l don’t think it matters whether people stare, gossip, ask questions about why you wear the same silver necklace steel band about your neck or not it’s not coming off and your never being anything but a slave while l own you.

    I find it fascinating that you seem to worry more over the collar when in henny penny dress mode than when your in slut display mode.

    The collar is there to ensure you never forget your a slave and your owned by me and its also a physical barrier to your freedom and differeniates you from everyone else. So in having a collar and having everyone stare at it and making you conscious about it then its purpose is being served and achieved.


  4. Re: This is why I read blogs…

    You booby man you!

    Actually I was wearing one of those boob-tube bras the other day under a low-cut dress and while standing at the photocopier, I looked down to see…..nipple! God, wardrobe malfunctions and I just seem to be destined to be together. I’m not sure whether I was flashing nipple in the class before or not, but if I was, I may have provided some 13 year-old boys with the thrill of their young lives…lol.


  5. Re: Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!

    ‘But Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis why can’t I moisturise my legs at the back of the room?’

    ‘But Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis why can’t I take the thumb tacks out of the wall so all your posters fall down?’

    ‘But Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis why can’t I slip all your whiteboard markers into my pocket as I leave class and you never know who it is in the confusion?’

    ‘But Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis what do I have to do x, y or z for?’
    ‘Because I told you to.’

    Ahhhhhh……..19 days (’cause I get out of a day this week!!!Yay!) and counting to go……is it Nov 30th yet???


  6. Re: bet sure why not

    Okies….I think I’m willing to put my ass on the line for a block of 25 releases passes. Wouldn’t that be great….mmmm…unlimited releases.

    So 200 cane strokes if anyone asks me a direct question about like ‘Is it a collar?’ or ‘ Are you into bdsm?’ or something along those lines. ‘Nice necklace’ comments are not I right?

    And 25 releases with no expiry date if no-one says anything in the next 19 days?

    How does that sound?


  7. look like a good bet,

    Have you given thought to the concept others might just find you attractive enough to warrant a longer look?

    Sounds odd but when someone is happy with any aspect of thier life that shows thru no matter the attire.

    Don’t sell yourself short.

    perhaps they might be jealous, or even wondering if the collar is real, and your available to use…

    either way enjoy the attention.

    I wish you well.

  8. Re: This is why I read blogs…

    That -is- why you got into your field after all, wasn’t it? To mold and shape your minds? 😉

    I’m a slow learner…could you perhaps bend and shape my mind too? Please?

    Mr. Upton Ogood

  9. Re: This is why I read blogs…

    Lol…actually the only reason I got into my field was because I didn’t have any other options!The joys of having absolutely no direction in your life.

    I’m actually the one that wants to be molded and shaped! What the hell are all those pimply hormone-filled kids looking to me for direction for?


  10. Re: look like a good bet,

    Never really thought of myself as the ‘so attractive I warrant another look’ type, but thanks for the thought!

    They often say that a lot of teachers are kinky, so I’m wondering just how many people look at it and know what it is….19 days left on the bet, my ass is burning just thinking about losing.Lol.


  11. Re: This is why I read blogs…

    They’re looking precisely because you have tits and they don’t. I’m surprised I have to explain this 😉

    Upton, who is tit-less and fascinated with those who are not, Ogood

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