Say hello to the new proud recipient of a block of 25 NON-EXPIRING, HAVE-THEM-ANY-DAMN-WAY-YOU-LIKE-THEM-BABY RELEASES!!!!Yes, I won the bet and now instead of 250 cane strokes, I'll be scumming up Master's sheets good and proper.Six weeks of prac in a school surrounded by 1800 teenagers and 150 gossipy teachers and not one comment of substance was passed... Continue Reading →


The end is nigh

Four lessons, marking seventy year nine students' projects and some desk cleaning....that is all I have left to do on my prac and can I just say...HALLELUJAH!It's been long and painful. I just want it to be O.V.E.R...and did I mention that I want it to be over N.O.W??*takes a deep breath...Only two more days and three more... Continue Reading →


Friday afternoon. I was waiting for Master to come and pick me up and attempting to finish my worksheet making/ planning for next week. All the other teachers had disappeared from the school grounds as fast as their cars could carry them, except one who poked her head in and asked if I'd started a... Continue Reading →

No surprise

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?created with QuizFarm.com You scored as SubmissionIt feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominate person wouldn't be a bad idea. Experimental 68%Submission 68%Bondage 57%Switch 50%Masochism 46%Exhibitionism and Voyeurism 32%Sadism 25%Vanilla Sex 18%Degradation 18%Domination 0%


I just wanted to share this little tidbit with you all before I headed off to sleep, being the old-fogey that I am and all and being that I have to wake up at 6am....Master keeps making offers to cane me and beat me mercilessly and it seems that every entry he makes in his blog when he's... Continue Reading →

Bulbous bottom

"Bitch, come and take a look at this! It's huge!" WIth more than the usual excitement in his voice, Master called me over to his computer as he downloaded his latest pics. I have to agree with him, it's absolutely huge....lol. Of all the photos he has taken of my ass, this one I have... Continue Reading →

Throbbing Thursday

Seems like I'm only managing 2 posts a week or so lately....Sad, isn't it? There once was a time when I posted daily, but that was before prac, before I needed to be in bed by 10pm and before I became a 'home alone' slave. Ahhhh....the good ol' days.11 days to go and still no... Continue Reading →


Last night we went to a local dungeon party and I got fried (aka had some electro play) and posted (aka put up on the St. Andrew's Cross).I have to say that I was right in the zone and it was great. That's not to say that I got anywhere near that 'floating, feeling no... Continue Reading →


Just a quickie before I go and do a bit of last minute studying for my test today. I'm actually not too stressed about the test per se because (a) I've already failed it once and so things can't get any worse and (b) it got me out of a day of prac!!!! Yay!!! I've... Continue Reading →

Funny that

Last Thursday I was observed by my 'university colleague' (aka The Black Death) while I did a lesson as part of the teaching prac requirement. As well as being intimidated by the fact that there were three people watching my every move (my mentor, the Japanese language assistant and 'The Black Death') I could also see her out... Continue Reading →

Life vs Slavery

So it's looking like Master will be doing his 'two nights away, one night home' thing at least for the rest of this year. This is not a prospect that sounds like fun or something that I will find even slightly enjoyable. And recently, to make things worse, I've been too busy for us to... Continue Reading →

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