Last night we went to a local dungeon party and I got fried (aka had some electro play) and posted (aka put up on the St. Andrew’s Cross).

I have to say that I was right in the zone and it was great. That’s not to say that I got anywhere near that ‘floating, feeling no pain’ elusive subspace that everyone talks about, I felt every sting and wallop, but I sucked it up and it felt good.

After a very stressful week of prac and test and plague I was so tightly wound up. Master wouldn’t let me know what I was going to be wearing and then he suggested that we have a fashion parade while Mistress Blair was here for dinner. So then I was going to be eating dinner with Mistress B. and pup naked and that freaked me out. I suggested that tampon strings may not be the best accompaniment to dinner, being that I was still plaguing so then he decided that I should stay in my trackie dacks that I had been cleaning in which was almost as horrifying.

When the doorbell rang, I was running around like a headless chook and Master told me to go and kneel at the door to welcome Mistress Blair appropriately. She could hear me laughing through the door and said, “Stop laughing kitten!” so I shouted through the door, “But I’m still in my trackie dacks!” It was a priceless moment.

We went to the party about 9pm and  it wasn’t long before another of the doms there was allowing me to have my first electro play experience. I think the place it hurt most on was my arm! Lol…With pads on my boobs and cunt, a circle of people had formed around us to watch. I heard someone remark that they could see ‘the lips throbbing’ and I was definitely getting some resonance through my cunt rings. Master then decided that it was time for a good beating, so off came the skirt and onto the cross I went. 

Once again for some reason, it was an ‘open slave’ session and everyone we knew took up an instrument and dished out some pain. It totally cracks me up, but it is very interesting to feel the different styles and intensities that each person has.

To be honest, when they’d decided that I’d had enough I wasn’t quite finished. I was close to having enough but could of kept going and part of me just wanted to have all the crap that I’ve been lugging around beaten out of me once and for all in one go. It was strange because I really hadn’t been beaten for quite a while, in fact I couldn’t tell you the last time I was marked from a beating, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Anyways, a fun night was had by all and I’ve got some lovely marks (why the fuck did I ask Master for the rubber flogger?? what the hell was I thinking??)  which is always nice. Thanks to everyone who took part in turning my ass and boobs red. And carina, I seem to remember somewhere that you said that you’d never be able to hit a woman…hmm….interesting…very interestink.

Here’s some pics for those visual learners amongst us (^v^)


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  1. My heartiest apologies for you feeling “unfinished” – blame it on the fact that I am carrying an injury – will not happen again!! Carina thanks for helping me – it was great to tandom with you – would love to do it again and properly wipe the smile off this girl’s face – when I beat people I become the Smiling Assassin as I enjoy myself so much. xxx Blair

  2. To the “smiling assassin”

    No, really…I was finished….really….more finished than finished…lol.

    *makes a prompt decision to hide when the next party is on


    P.S Hope your injury is healing well. Like pup, I didn’t want you to strain yourself either. Take care xx

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