I just wanted to share this little tidbit with you all before I headed off to sleep, being the old-fogey that I am and all and being that I have to wake up at 6am….

Master keeps making offers to cane me and beat me mercilessly and it seems that every entry he makes in his blog when he’s coming home revolves somehow about stripping me naked and caning my ass.

Since my ‘above average’ performance at the party the other week, he keeps wondering why I’m not very enthusiastic about planting my ass in the line of sight of his caning arm. He also keeps pointing out that I’m being wussie by dancing across the bed when hard cane meets soft ass:

‘You’re the new big pain slut. The other night it was like, ‘Ooh, give me more Master, give me more!’ Now look at you! Pathetic slut slave that you are.’

And what’s the only thing a girl in my position can say in response to that?

‘Well, I can’t help it….A GIRL NEEDS AN AUDIENCE!’


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  1. I completely act differently in front of people than in private. I can take more pain, I can float easier and I’m more receptive to trying things I wouldn’t at home. I think it’s because I’m exhibitionist (just a bit). Maybe that’s your reason?

  2. its not always about the caning

    l love the way you plead, bribe and cajole me not to beat your arse as much as caning it, so sometimes you win and save your arse but l win everytime don’t l


  3. Maybe…I’m not too sure though. I usually cringe in horror at doing anything in front of groups of people.

    I think it’s more a pride issue and not wanting to be seen as a wussie. When it’s just me and Master, I don’t give a shit how wussie he thinks I am…lol.


  4. I think that will be happening on the same day that I enter a church of my own free will and not because there is a wedding/christening/funeral involved. Lol. But thanks for the comment.


  5. Somehow I didn’t think that was going to fly…but it was worth a shot…There’s a church right down the road from me..Every time I go by..a brick falls out…..I wonder why…lol

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