Say hello to the new proud recipient of a block of 25 NON-EXPIRING, HAVE-THEM-ANY-DAMN-WAY-YOU-LIKE-THEM-BABY RELEASES!!!!

Yes, I won the bet and now instead of 250 cane strokes, I’ll be scumming up Master’s sheets good and proper.

Six weeks of prac in a school surrounded by 1800 teenagers and 150 gossipy teachers and not one comment of substance was passed about my collar. So to all those folk who worry about wearing a permanent collar, I’ve just proven that they are doable and nothing to fear.

How I’m going to spend my next few days of total freedom:

– attending an anal fisting demonstration (yeah, this is how us slavegirls relax…lol)
– spending quality time with Master
– eating scrummy Indian food with my uber buddy girl literary_gypsy
– putting disprins on my cunt in an attempt to reduce the size of the scar tissue growing there
– sleeping
– watching copious amounts of tv
– pumice-stoning my feet after standing and pacing the classroom for six weeks- I need a boi that does pedicures!
– did I mention sleeping?
– having long, relaxing baths
– not sure if I’ve already said this, but sleeping!

Farewell for now- my bed awaits!


15 thoughts on “Over

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  1. Well done and congratualtions

    congratulations on the 25 releases enjoy them all

    very happy and proud in the way you approached your year of teaching diploma and your results demonstrated your commitment to doing it well except for that LOTE Bitch who wouldn’t give you more than 70 for those great Japanese assignments you did. When you graduate its slut wear under the black gown ad cap.

    Enjoy your slave girlie lifestyle until you start whatever career your decide upon, remember lobster packing is paying $17.50 an hour, 3am starts all the hours of the week you want to work.


  2. Funny thing about the collars. I wore the one in the picture around Tasmania for a weekend, no-one even looked at it, let alone said anything!

    On a serious note though, congratulations on finishing your dip ed(?) and good luck with the career thing, I hope you can find a path you’re happy in.

  3. Thanks heaps! It was a grad dip ed, so only one year. I don’t think I could hack doing a four-year teaching degree…lol.

    Not sure where my carer path is going to take me- but I definitely know it won’t be anywhere near a school.

    Cute collar!


  4. Oooh, yeah. I think ‘enjoy’ is an underestimate. Although, I am a bit concerned about whether actually having them there at my disposal is going to take a bit of the fun out of it- you know how you only want what you can’t have?


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