Turn, turn, turn

kitten is thinking of moving her cage into the decluttered back bedroom, l think she would like the back bedroom set up as a little playroom dedicated to her needs for bondage and pain...lol ...her needs are bondage but she gets the pain from me for free.One question I have asked Master on numerous occasions... Continue Reading →

Men and stuff

I am now, officially, the 'Decrapper Extraordinaire'. After three days of constant pawing through boxes of crap and carting said crap out to the lawn by the postbox for city collection, I think I'm done. Well, I'm not actually done, there's probably a lot more I'd be throwing out if I were allowed to, but... Continue Reading →

Shinto in the suburbs

Two sleeps from xmas and I'm about as far from the Christmas spirit as I can get. Is that wrong, or is thirty suitably old enough to no longer 'be bothered'  to get into Christmassy stuff? Well, whichever the answer, it's just going to be a quiet time with me and Master spent probably watching copious amounts... Continue Reading →


While this title might disturb Mac users, stir the voyeur fetishists among us into a frenzy and conjure up images of funny things in your wall that let in the light, I'm actually thinking of a slightly different window- the windows on me that give access to my emotions.I have a lot of windows that open from time to time. Some... Continue Reading →

Am I real?

 I just spent 2 hrs as cleaning bitch scrubbing Master's bathroom with a toothbrush and one of those wire-like deck brushes. As a result, it's so damn clean that you could eat your dinner off it- and no, before you ask, I ain't going to....lol. Yes, I am a slave with too much free time... Continue Reading →

In keeping with the xmas theme…

On the fourth day of releases, the tools I used on me:Four snazzy snap locks, Three clanging chains, Two biting binder clips, One lethal leather collar, One pinching pair of handcuffs, One bulbous ball gag, One binding blindfold,And a bedhead ebay-ed for a nice fee.God, I used more brain power finding words for my alliteration of xmas than I have used... Continue Reading →

The ghost of weekends past

I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and yucky (no idea why) so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and some toast with vegemite in the hopes that it will settle my stomach. For my non-Aussie readers, vegemite (that fermented salty yeast extract) is a great little hangover and upset stomach cure that... Continue Reading →

Communication aka Men!

On Monday we had a final get together for people in my uni class and while I was prepping myself for another one of those inspirational-makes-me-want-to-retch lectures about how we'd chosen a vocation (because teaching doesn't pay enough to be a real job, so we're up there with nuns and volunteers!) and how important we were in children's lives... Continue Reading →

The Twenty Five Days of Releases

 On the first day of releases, my cunt squelched out to me, One wet spot and a happy little trickle of pee.My slave duty for yesterday involved the making of my release record chart as per Master's instructions. He wanted something so that I could cross off the releases that I'd used and to make sure that... Continue Reading →

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