The Twenty Five Days of Releases

 On the first day of releases, my cunt squelched out to me,
 One wet spot and a happy little trickle of pee.

My slave duty for yesterday involved the making of my release record chart as per Master’s instructions. He wanted something so that I could cross off the releases that I’d used and to make sure that I absotively posilutely didn’t have anymore than the twenty five I was allowed.

I obediently drew something up on Word using my recently honed worksheet-making skills and had the numbers from one to twenty five in boxes, the date used at the bottom of each box and added some pretty clip art. I then sent it to Master for approval.

His immediate comment on msn came back,

“lol…you cheating bitch”
“zero makes 26 releases, not the 25 you won”

“you said you wanted a ‘big, fat zero at the end'”
“yes but for the 0 at the end you don’t get a date used”
“implies you get a release for 0…it should be just 0…good try”

I wouldn’t say that I consciously tried to wring another release out of him, I was just following his instructions that he wanted the numbers to count down and a space to record the date in at the bottom of each box. Needless to say, the extra release was removed and the chart finally approved. It’s going to be hung on the fridge so that things can be properly monitored and controlled.

The chart on the fridge and everything takes away the nice little anonymity I was hoping for. The whole treat in these twenty five releases was that I didn’t have to ask permission for them and could slink away and do my thing under the cover of darkness. I guess I should of expected him to do something like this and add back a good measure of humiliation into the equation.

At seven o’clock when he called I still hadn’t had my first release.

“Haven’t you had one yet???” he quizzed, puzzled that I hadn’t raced off to have one like an addict in withdrawal.

“These things need to be planned. I haven’t decided what to do yet.”

And I hadn’t. Should I use binder clips or hang something from the regular nipple clamps? Should I stick something in my cunt or just do the clenching of the muscles thing? Hood or gag or both? Choices, choices.

I ended up with a nice rope boobie harness, leather collar attached to bed and metal collar attached to cuffs on hands, nipple clamps and gag. A hood would of been nice, but it was just too hot and I didn’t want to get claustro and freak myself out.

I won’t go into further details of the large pink thing I was riding up and down on or the little pools of drool, suffice to say that Master’s sheets now definitely need a wash. Mmmm….twenty four more to go.


2 thoughts on “The Twenty Five Days of Releases

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  1. Lollie Jars

    like a jar of lollies it looks full right now and your thinking these are going to last a long time but once you open that jar and sampled the first lollie you say to yourself hmm that was nice maybe l will sneak another one and so on until your jar is nearly empty and your saying where did my lollies go and tehn you start to horde the remaining lollies cause your frightened they will be all gone shortly and then one morning the jar is empty and your sad.

    Luckily for you l am betting Master and your sure to get some other opportunity to put your most croppable arse on the line against maybe winning some more releases to re-fill your lollie jar.


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