The ghost of weekends past

I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and yucky (no idea why) so I’m sitting here with a cup of tea and some toast with vegemite in the hopes that it will settle my stomach. For my non-Aussie readers, vegemite (that fermented salty yeast extract) is a great little hangover and upset stomach cure that I list right up there in effectiveness with releases.

I’ve had a quiet few days, spending time with friends and quality time with Master and my sleep patterns have returned to their former midnight- nine am selves. I have to say that there is nothing better than waking up naturally when your body is ready than to the dulcet tones of an alarm clock. I’m enjoying the break from a hard year of study.

I watched Mission Impossible III last night from inside my cage. Halfway-through master announced who was the real evil guy and what was going to happen in the plot and then left the room in search of better entertainment. How he can call black and white cowboy movies entertainment and Tom Cruise struggling against handcuffs not is beyond me, but I was in the cage and he was holding the key to the door, so I thought better of eloquently expressing my views.

When the movie was finished, he told me to ‘ask nicely’ to be let out or he’d leave me there for the night. I’m not sure that, “Pretty please sweetie pumpkin Master with sugar on top can I have out?” was what he had in mind when he said that, but I scored highly on the amusing slave girlie scale so was promptly let out.

Master had scored 75 caning points from some red-hot car spotting on our Sunday afternoon drive so I offered him a piece of my booty as soon as we got home. He had other ideas though, because the 49 photos he’d taken over lunch that were sitting on his camera, were whispering softly and tantalizingly in his ear to be downloaded onto his hard drive and to be catalogued along with the other 2000-odd images of me,

“Maybe later bitch.”

So I settled down to play some WoW and it was much later when I got an honourary “One stroke in lieu of seventy five”. I was bored and wanted to be played with so I foolishly asked what had happened to the other seventy four. I then found out what had happened to them when crop met ass and I made another mental note to myself to shut the fuck up.

All up it was a nice weekend, but the bondage slut in me needs to be satiated some more so that may require a nice little Monday afternoon release session.


6 thoughts on “The ghost of weekends past

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  1. Tom Cruise plot can’t be too hard to figure it out as Tom Cruise script needs to be simple as possible for him to act it out.

    You got a symbolic single cane as l was responding to your lm not a pain slut plea, but you had to bitch to me about it so l turned to the ouchie crop and provided teh balance of the strokes.

    But l ahd a lovely weekend the Korean BBQ was yummy and well worth another outing maybe with some guests.

    See the lolly jar being emptied by another release, enjoy the experience.

    It was 2139 photos of 2007 kitten l had to sort out in the photoshop 6 program, can’t have naked booted bondage spanked kitten photo’s being wrongly catalogued with puppy dog photos or house shots so when we share them with others they don’t get to see more of you than they should.


  2. lol… kitten, i love your sweet pleas to your Master..and i totally understand about you asking about the other 74… i kinda get myself into those positions too…i love reading about you and your Master- you two are perfect together… i mean that with all my heart… hugs, Hisflower

  3. Awww fanks… I’ve been lurking around on your site too, and it seems you’ve been busy (giving up smoking etc.) and next year is looking good for you!



    P.S Hope to see a pic of your marking!

  4. im glad you are ‘lurking’ on my site…lol… im trying to be good about posting there- i do enjoy it so much when i do.. yep, im giving up smoking- its soooooo hard, even now… even knowing what a nasty habit it is- sometimes i wish i could just sit and relax and smoke…lol… but im hanging in there..who knew it would be this hard every day…
    i know im responding to this a day late, but i do hope you are feeling better now. take care sweetie and have a fun and wonderful trip with your Master! hugs, Hisflower

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